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Entry  Mon Sep 30 15:45:09 2013, Chloe, DailyProgress, ECDL, TEC Construction 
    Reply  Wed Oct 2 16:21:11 2013, Chloe, DailyProgress, ECDL, TEC Construction 
       Reply  Wed Oct 9 16:12:39 2013, Chloe, DailyProgress, ECDL, TEC Construction 
Message ID: 1357     Entry time: Mon Sep 30 15:45:09 2013     Reply to this: 1358
Author: Chloe 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: ECDL 
Subject: TEC Construction 

 Today I tried to calibrate the PID gain for the TEC controller. I noticed some connections needed repairing to I resoldered them, and checked every single connection.

However, the TEC controller still couldn't turn the Peltier element on, citing a "OPEN" problem (I believe according to the manual this means that something about the TEC connections are wrong). I checked these several times with my past notes and the instruction manual, but could not fix the problem. Then I tried cleaning the silicone thermal paste off of the Peltier element and was able to briefly make the Peltier element turn on. As soon as I tried reinstalling this in the ECDL setup, it stopped working. I was able to get the element working again briefly, but it was never stable (would stop working after a minute). I believe that I can use isopropyl alcohol without damaging any parts, but I want to do more reading online before I try this so that I am sure. It seems that trying to wipe the silicone paste out is insufficient, as I spent awhile trying this to recreate my results. 

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