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Entry  Fri May 28 20:46:14 2010, tarac, Laser, Laser, Progress on PSL: Aligning RefCav 
    Reply  Sat May 29 12:01:17 2010, Frank, Laser, Laser, Progress on PSL: Aligning RefCav 
Message ID: 135     Entry time: Sat May 29 12:01:17 2010     In reply to: 134
Author: Frank 
Type: Laser 
Category: Laser 
Subject: Progress on PSL: Aligning RefCav 


 Since the frequency of the laser going into RefCav is determined by PMC ,I decided to temporarily remove the PMC for now, so I can scan the laser frequency while aligning RefCav.

It might not be a good idea since the PMC might alter the beam path a little bit, but I just want to align the cavity first.

The plan is after  RefCav is aligned, I'll bring back the PMC and fine tune the beam going to RefCav again.

I still got many higher order modes coming out of the cavity.


 the PMC is locked to the laser, so it follows the NPRO frequency when you scan the frequency

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