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Entry  Tue Jul 30 00:01:22 2013, Evan, DailyProgress, ISS, Relative intensity noise with south cavity locked rin_southcav.pdfrin_2013-07-29_data_code.zip
    Reply  Wed Jul 31 01:34:56 2013, Evan, Notes, ISS, RIN requirement for 1.45" cavities with 2 mW intensity_frequency_trans.pdfrin_requirement.pdfrin_2013-07-30.zip
       Reply  Mon Aug 5 11:42:50 2013, Evan, Notes, ISS, RIN requirement for 1.45" cavities with 2 mW iss_topology.jpg
Message ID: 1264     Entry time: Tue Jul 30 00:01:22 2013     Reply to this: 1270
Author: Evan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: ISS 
Subject: Relative intensity noise with south cavity locked 

Chas has been building an ISS and needs a spec for suppression of relative intensity noise for Tara's 1.45″ silica/tantala cavities.

I measured the RIN of the south cavity with the cavity locked. The common and fast gains were both set to 400 on the TTFSS frequency servo box. I placed a PDA100A at the transmission of the south cavity. The DC power incident on the PD was 0.370 mW and the DC voltage was 0.439 V. I plugged the PD output into the SR785 and recorded the PSD of the voltage, both for light incident on the PD and for no light incident on the PD (i.e., the noise floor). To get the amplitude spectral density (ASD) of relative intensity noise, I've taken the square root of the voltage PSD and divided by 0.439 V.

I've attached a figure showing the RIN (and the noise floor of the measurement), as well as the data and code used to generate the plot.

Both the shape and overall amplitude of the RIN are roughly consistent with what has been measured earlier (e.g., PSL:986 and PSL:736). I'm unsure whether this is the same laser that was used for the previous iteration of the CTN experiment, but it is the same model (Lightwave NPRO 126). [Edit: I've talked to Tara, and this is the same laser as was used in the previous measurements.]

Attachment 1: rin_southcav.pdf  137 kB  Uploaded Tue Jul 30 01:08:22 2013  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: rin_2013-07-29_data_code.zip  40 kB  Uploaded Tue Jul 30 01:08:36 2013
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