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Entry  Wed Jul 24 18:13:05 2013, Chloe, Notes, ECDL, Current Driver 
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Message ID: 1254     Entry time: Wed Jul 24 18:13:05 2013     Reply to this: 1255
Author: Chloe 
Type: Notes 
Category: ECDL 
Subject: Current Driver 

Rana wants for me to build my own low noise driver, since anything on the market isn't sufficient or is terribly expensive. Dmass does not have an extra driver in his lab, and Eric Gustafson doesn't have a spare since his SURF student is using it. Tara found a spare driver in the 40m. It is the LDX-3412 from Newport and operates up to 200 mA. Tomorrow I am going to start trying to make it work with our diode. The two diodes that we ordered operate at 200 mA (QPhotonics) and 280 mA (Thorlabs). However, both vendors provide a plot of power output vs. injected current, and it seems like at 100 mA, they will both still provide 50-100 mW of power. 

In the meantime, I will work on putting together the current driver from the Erickson paper (attached). This is an improvement on the Libbrecht and Hall design by over an order of magnitude in noise spectral density. I spent the afternoon trying to compile a list of the parts we will need. The paper is kind of complicated so I'm still trying to understand some of the parts, but I have a pretty comprehensive list of the parts we will want to get. We will likely be able to find at least some parts in the 40m lab. I may go scrounging around. 

I also attended the talk that Rana gave today about basic electronics and noise calculations. I will try and get liso on my computer before next week's talk, since it would be useful to have. 


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