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Entry  Mon May 17 21:32:35 2010, Tara Chalermsongsak, Laser, Laser, PMC alignment 
    Reply  Tue May 18 15:21:12 2010, Tara Chalermsongsak, Laser, Laser, PMC alignment 
Message ID: 124     Entry time: Tue May 18 15:21:12 2010     In reply to: 123
Author: Tara Chalermsongsak 
Type: Laser 
Category: Laser 
Subject: PMC alignment 


I'm trying to align the PMC.  The transducer is connected to the PMC servo card's HV out.

HV in is driven by a function generator with triangular function. The output signal looks weird. It is not a nice triangular form, it's more like a u shape waveform connecting to each others with a plateau on top.

I'll check if the transducer on the PMC and the HV out from the card are working correctly or not. Right now, there is not a glimpse of signal coming out of the PMC on CCD.

don't the words HV IN ring a bell? look into the schematic. there are only a couple of inputs at the front so it's not too hard to figure out why there was already a BNC cable connected to that input. Did you check the monitor signal? If you would you would have seen that your HV supply is missing now


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