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Message ID: 121     Entry time: Thu May 13 13:41:32 2010
Author: Tara Chalermsongsak 
Type: Laser 
Category: Laser 
Subject: mode matching from laser to PMC 

Details for Mode Matching


1)   Laser to PMC


The laser has

              Wx = 155 um, 3.45 cm in front of the opening.

            Wy = 201 um, 2.8 cm in front of the opening.


The average number for calculation is w = 180 um, 3cm  in front of the opening.

First, we focus the beam to the EOM, w can be  250 – 500 um.

We pick 350 um.

F= 200 mm,

W1= 180 um

W2=350 um

Distance from w1 to the lens, d1, = 9.36”.

Distance from w1 to w2, L, = 22.8 “.



Then we mode match this beam to PMC

F1= 50.2mm

F2= 63mm

W1=350 um

W2= 370um

Distance from w1 to first lens, d1,         =157mm =6.2”

Distance from first lens to 2nd lens, d2 =120mm = 4.7”

Distance from 2nd lens to PMC, d3         = 358mm

Distance from w1 to w2, L,                      =  63.5 cm = 25”


I'll check if I can find f =200mm, 63mm, 50mm in the lab or not.

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