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Message ID: 116     Entry time: Thu May 6 11:01:03 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Misc 
Category: RC noise 
Subject: model now in the svn 

i created a folder "frank" in the 40m-svn. It currently contains a subfolder "comsol" and another one "refcav".

The folder contains two files, one function "cavityStrain.m" and the main file "main.m" which contains the loop and other stuff. The three parameters are cavityStrain(constr, pltcnt, meshdensity):

  • constr is the value for an offset of the groove position from the original one in meters, so '0' is the original groove position
  • pltcnt is not used at the moment, it would create a 3d-plot of the result for each iteration
  • meshdensity is the fem mesh density using the same notation as comsol, so 9 is extremely course and 1 is extremely fine

the configuration right now creates a movie of all the results, with a name specified in the main file. The two plots created at the end show the strain and the tilt of the mirror.

You have to run the files from matlab. You can't open them in comsol.

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