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Message ID: 1157     Entry time: Tue Apr 23 18:43:39 2013     In reply to: 782     Reply to this: 1394
Author: tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: HOM for new sideband frequencies 

35.5 MHz and 38MHz sideband frequencies are chosen for  1.45 " refcav. These frequencies will be suitable for cavities formed by 0.5/0.5m RoC mirrors and 1.0/1.0m RoC mirrors.


HOM35.5MHz0.5m.png                           HOM38MHz0.5m.png

  a) For0.5m/0.5m RoC mirrors 1.45" cavity, f1 = 35.5MHz.           b) For0.5m/0.5m RoC mirrors 1.45" cavity, f2 = 38MHz

HOM35.5MHz1m.png                                HOM38MHz1m.png

 c) For 1m/1m RoC mirrors 1.45" cavity, f1 = 35.5MHz                d) For 1m/1m RoC mirrors 1.45" cavity, f2 = 38MHz


Since we will use a crystal oscillator to drive the EOMs, I have to check how much power we need for the sideband.

If the crystal oscillator can provide us with enough power, we can use the crystal to drive a broadband EOM directly. Otherwise we will need an EOM driver, or a resonant EOM.


==shot noise level vs mod index(Beta)==


To see how much should the mod index be, I plot shot noise level vs Beta, with Power intpu = 1mW and 2 mW, and Finesse = 1e5 (for  T=300 ppm mirrors)and 2e5 (For AlAs/GaAs coatings), with mode match = 80%. It seems that for the lowest shot noise level, we need beta = 0.8.

For resonant EOM, mod depth = 0.2 rad/V, for BB EOM, mode depth = 15mrad/V , see psl:745.  These correspond to 4V (25dBm) and 53 V (47dBm) for the resonant and BB EOMs, respectively.


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