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Message ID: 1140     Entry time: Thu Apr 4 20:46:03 2013
Author: Evan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: Modified second TTFSS 

I made some modifications to TTFSS box S0900371, so that it is more like the TTFSS box we are currently using for the south cavity. The modifications are as follows:

  • R1, R2, and R7 are now 47 Ω
  • R3 is now 100 Ω
  • R4 is now 390 Ω
  • R29 is now 5.1 kΩ, with an optional 6.8 nF series capacitor controlled by a switch on the side of the box. This duplicates the optional boost available on the other TTFSS.

I checked my soldering work with an LCR meter and everything seems fine, but I have not yet powered it up.

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