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Entry  Wed Feb 27 10:16:09 2013, koji, tara, DailyProgress, Vacuum, opening vac chamber 
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       Reply  Wed Mar 6 12:48:50 2013, tara, DailyProgress, Vacuum, thermal shield + peek supports are baked photo(13).JPG
       Reply  Wed Mar 6 21:56:12 2013, tara, DailyProgress, Vacuum, note on feedthrough 
Message ID: 1106     Entry time: Wed Feb 27 10:16:09 2013     Reply to this: 1108
Author: koji, tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Vacuum 
Subject: opening vac chamber 

We opened the vacuum chamber and brought the stack with the 8" cavities out to the clean bench. New 1.45" cavities are under preparation to go in the chamber.

The 8" cavities and the double seismic isolation stack were removed from the chamber. The connector had to be removed from the inside of the mini flange for the feedthrough [add pic]. We replaced the top seismic stack along with 8" cavities and their mounts, with the new stack/new mount for the shorter cavities. We reuse the bottom stack.

Next is to modify the wiring for heaters and temp sensors. Currently, the connector is wired for 3 sensors and 1 heaters (for 9-pin connector). Soldering at the 9-pin connector seems to be a tough job. Koji suggested that I remove one of the temp sensor at its legs, not at the connector end. Then connect the unoccupied cables to the heating wire.

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