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Entry  Wed Jan 30 02:20:38 2013, tara, Notes, Drawings, layout for the new setup 
    Reply  Fri Feb 1 03:14:45 2013, tara, Notes, Drawings, layout for the new setup ctn_layout_2laser.pdf
       Reply  Mon Feb 18 03:16:44 2013, tara, Notes, Drawings, layout for the new setup ctn_layout_2laser_v2.png
          Reply  Fri Jun 21 21:02:40 2013, tara, Notes, Drawings, layout for the new setup 
             Reply  Mon Jun 24 21:27:02 2013, tara, Notes, RefCav, setup for 2nd refcav 
Message ID: 1096     Entry time: Wed Jan 30 02:20:38 2013     Reply to this: 1098
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Drawings 
Subject: layout for the new setup 

I'm making a new layout for the 2 laser setup. It is in progress. I just want to make a note about some features I want to have in the setup.

  • Move EAOM (for intensity stabilization,ISS) some where down stream, close to the chamber. Since the monitor is behind the cavity.
  • Pick up for optical fiber: This should be somewhere behind 1)EAOM, so that power can be stabilized, 2) BB EOM, so that the laser frequency is stabilized at higher frequency as well. 
  • Some beam splitter/ flip mirrors to bring laser to both cavities. so that I can scan two cavities with 1 laser at the same time. This should be handy when we need to find the beat, since the beat frequency is not well determined (by AOM) anymore.
  • Some space for an independent frequency stabilized laser. This is for the future, when we want to lock a laser to the 8" cavity and distribute it to other labs.  From the current setup, I think we might have to borrow the laser from the 2-laser setup, after the PMC, then lock it to the 8" cavity. Installing 3 sets of laser, PMC, refcav on the table is not easy. With this idea, we can lock the laser to a low noise cavity(8"), and just change the cable, when we want to switch to do the coating measurement.
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