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Entry  Thu Nov 1 03:10:16 2012, tara, Notes, Laser, Laser profile scan result.pngresult.fig
    Reply  Fri Nov 2 01:08:22 2012, Koji, Notes, Laser, Laser profile scan 
Message ID: 1069     Entry time: Thu Nov 1 03:10:16 2012     Reply to this: 1070
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Laser 
Subject: Laser profile scan 

I scanned the profile of the laser borrowed from 40m. The avg beam radius is 220um ~ 1 cm in front of the laser opening. This number will be used for a new table layout.

The laser was operated at full power (~700mW as expected). I used a mirror to attenuated the beam and use WINCAM to measure the beam profile (power incident on WINCAM was ~0.7mW). To measure the full power and avoid burning the power meter, I used a polarizing beam splitter with 1/2 wave plate to reduce the beam power by half then measured and summed the power from two sides of the PBS.


The beam shape is looking more like a blob than an oval. This might explain why the fitting does not match the measurement well.

[add fig]


Attachment 2: result.fig  14 kB  Uploaded Thu Nov 1 04:11:17 2012
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