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Message ID: 1055     Entry time: Wed Oct 3 17:48:26 2012
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: TempCtrl 
Subject: temp control for the chamber is off 

I checked the temperature control servo for the vacuum chamber and found out that it was off. I could not turn it back on yet since there was some problems with the channel. I'll ask Peter to help me on this.

About a week ago, I tried to add another channel for controlling the second PMC servo card. I did not write an elog since it was not done yet.

I created PMC2.db in /usr1/epics/psl/db. It had only one channel for C3:PSL-PMC2_GAIN. I used #C6 S2. This channel might already be used for temp control. I'll try to remove the channel and see if the problem can be solved.


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