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Entry  Tue Sep 25 23:31:40 2012, tara, Notes, Purchases, lab supply 
    Reply  Wed Oct 10 16:10:18 2012, tara, Notes, Purchases, lab supply 
Message ID: 1053     Entry time: Tue Sep 25 23:31:40 2012     Reply to this: 1059
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Purchases 
Subject: lab supply 

Just a list for something we need to buy.


  • BNC connector(T,L,Y)
  • maybe some bnc cables for ATF
  • SMA to BNC connectors (all combination)
  • SMA 50 ohms terminator

Optics& opto-mech parts

  • lens, various f length (for 1064)
  • lens mount and post
  • some mirrors?
  • PBS
  • half wave plates (x2)
  • EOM (BB for spare), EAOM (for ISS)


  • sticky mat/ shoe cover
  • gloves
  • cable tie holder

lab supply

  • duster can
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