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Message ID: 103     Entry time: Mon Apr 12 11:04:15 2010
Author: Tara Chalermsongsak 
Type: Laser 
Category: Laser 
Subject: PSL layout for new setup 

The layout for the new PSL setup ( lenses, and their positions are to be calculated.)

A Lightwave 100mW NPRO laser will be the source. AOM will be in the ACav path.

Two cavities will be covered by a box of insulation/ heater.


1) From the laser to the PMC,

    1/4 waveplate, to linearly polarize the elliptical polarized beam from NPRO

    1/2 wave plates and PBS, to adj the power of the beam

    lens, to focus the beam to the EOM

   two lens, two mirrors, to mode match the beam to the PMC

   a photodiode, a lens, two mirrors, (one for steering the beam, another one for attenuating the beam), for PDH locking

 a photodiode and a ccd camera, for the beam behind the PMC

* there will be a Faraday Isolator somewhere here. I forgot to add it.


2) From PMC to PBS

  a lens to focus the beam to 35.5 Mhz EOM

  1/2 wave plate, to adjust the power between two beams for  ACav and RefCav

 PBS, to split the beam into two paths


3) AOM path

 1 PBS, for reflected beam from the AOM

 a lens, an AOM, 1/4 waveplate, two irises, 1 curve mirror; to double pass the beam and shift the frequency

another iris and a mirror, to select only the 1st order beam and send it to  ACav.


4) RefCav/ACav path

 1/2 wave plate, to correct the polatization

two lens and a set of periscope, to mode match the beam to the cavity

 a pbs with 1/4 wave plate, a lens, a mirror, a photodiode, to PDH lock the beam


5) Transmitted beam

1/4 waveplate, to linearly polarize the transmitted beam

a photodiode/ a ccd camera to monitor the transmitted beam with necessary mirrors

lenses, to focus the beam to the PD that measures the beat signal

 a beam splitter, to mix two beams together


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