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Message ID: 1028     Entry time: Mon Jul 23 19:32:50 2012
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: Heater power 

 Just a reminder for myself what I have to do for short cavities setup:

1) Heater power for cavity. We have not checked how much power we can add to the spacer. This can be done by sending a constant current to the wire (all pin can be found at  PSL:841) Then measure the frequency change between the two cavities. This can be converted to differential length between the two cavities (dL = df/f *L). Then we can estimate how much the cavity is heat up (dL = alpha L dT). With this number and an assumption that heat flow in and out for short and long cavities are about the same, we can roughly see if the current heater is good enough for the short spacer or not, or we need more current/ longer coil to be able to heat up mote.

2) Optics layout for shorter cavities: We also have to decide if we want to go for two laser setup, or two AOM setup as well.

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