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Entry  Mon Jul 2 19:01:18 2012, Sarah, DailyProgress, PD, photodiodes behind cavities 2012_07_02.JPG
    Reply  Mon Jul 2 23:44:59 2012, tara, Notes, PD, photodiodes behind cavities RIN.png
Message ID: 1012     Entry time: Mon Jul 2 23:44:59 2012     In reply to: 1011
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: PD 
Subject: photodiodes behind cavities 

After installing the second pd behind ACVA, I tried to re-measure RIN behind ACAV and RCAV again. The measured RIN from ACAV and RCAV are about the same as we measured before.


    I was having problem with the measured RIN after we installed the second PD for ACAV. It turned out that the beam was not dumped properly. The measurement was done after I realigned the beam to ACAV/RCAV and centered the beam on the PD. I'll use the coupling we measured in PSL:1008 to add the contribution from RIN in ACAV to beat noise (assuming no common mode rejection).




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