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Entry  Mon Jul 2 19:01:18 2012, Sarah, DailyProgress, PD, photodiodes behind cavities 2012_07_02.JPG
    Reply  Mon Jul 2 23:44:59 2012, tara, Notes, PD, photodiodes behind cavities RIN.png
Message ID: 1011     Entry time: Mon Jul 2 19:01:18 2012     Reply to this: 1012
Author: Sarah 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PD 
Subject: photodiodes behind cavities 

 Tara and I put another photodiode behind ACAV, so that now there are two photodiodes behind each cavity.This is necessary because one is needed for monitoring and another is needed as a detector for feedback. The following image shows the setup of the second pd behind ACAV, note that there are no beam steering mirrors for alignment:



Now we have to think of a sensible solution for wiring all of the cables (8 in total)

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