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Message ID: 1002     Entry time: Tue Jun 26 18:22:05 2012
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: PD 
Subject: Labview VI's 

- just for reference -

  • keithley_test: to scan bias voltage to check if diode is functioning correct and check if OK after handling and installation
  • findfocus: as the name says utility to find the focus of the beam using the contact ring of the PD as a knife edge
  • findcenter: finds the geometric center of the PD - numbers required as input for scan VI
  • 2Dscan: scans the surface after we adjusted the focus of the beam and determined the center of the PD
Attachment 1: findfocus_v1.vi  79 kB
Attachment 2: findcenter_v1.vi  85 kB
Attachment 3: 2DScan_v3.vi  77 kB
Attachment 4: KE2635A_init.vi  18 kB
Attachment 5: keithley_test.vi  38 kB
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