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  48   Mon Jul 18 14:29:07 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressStatus of the test setupI checked that the QPD electronics works
as expected, and that I can acquire the signals
using the ADCs. A new model (x3cr1) is up
  49   Mon Jul 18 17:46:04 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFirst look at QPD signalsHere's the first spectrum of the QPD
X and Y signals, acquired with the digital
system. Roughing and turbo pumps are still
  51   Mon Jul 18 18:05:46 2016 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressOptical setupSmall modifications to the optical setup:

added a 1m focal lenght
lens (AR coated for 1064nm...) right before
  52   Tue Jul 19 17:15:37 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum pressure acquired[Alena, Gabriele]

We connected the analog output
of the vacuum gauge controller to one of
  53   Tue Jul 19 17:21:48 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFirst modes excited!We can't generate any arbitary signal
with the real time model, since awg is not
working properly yet. For the moment being
  56   Thu Jul 21 12:10:14 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressGlitch huntingYesterday I could clearly see the glitches
as jumps in the time domain plot of X and
Y signals, and trace them to somewhat harder
  66   Wed Jul 27 15:43:02 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber dismantled and ready for cleaning[Alena, Gabriele]

As decided at out Red Door meeting,
we're going to clean the vacuum chamber
  67   Thu Jul 28 13:58:48 2016 Alena, GabrieleCleanDaily ProgressThe old chamber is now being cleaned and bakedCleaned the chamber in the washing machine
at 40m and started 48 baking at 120 C
  68   Thu Jul 28 14:01:27 2016 AlenaGeneralDaily ProgressClean roomOrdered the clean room (hardware+hepa filters)
and vacuum gauges
  69   Thu Jul 28 17:15:22 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressADC/DAC interfaces upgradeInstalled the ADC and DAC boards into a
proper box. Also, swapped the temporary DAC
board (with cale hack) with the final one.
  70   Fri Jul 29 14:08:31 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressPeak tracking code for real time modelSummary

I wrote a C function
to reconstruct the amlplitude and frequency
of a line. It can be added as a block into
  71   Mon Aug 1 16:56:57 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressPopulated four new QPD boardsToday I populated four more QPD boards.
All components are installed, except for
the QPD themselves.
  72   Tue Aug 2 15:58:12 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressSix QPD functional and testedI finished populating the new four QPD
boards, and fixed the first one I populated
weeks ago. I tested all five new boards:
  75   Wed Aug 10 09:39:38 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressAnnuntio vobis gaudium magnum: habemus CymacYesterday I cloned the cymac2 disk and
installed it into the cymac3.

Jamie tweaked a few things (I can't
  76   Wed Aug 10 10:04:35 2016 GabrieleMechanicsDaily ProgressThe prototype of the disk retain system is hereYesterday we received the prototype of
the disk suspension and retain system. Everything
looks good. I checked that the disk fits
  81   Sat Aug 13 11:17:17 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressSpot the differences   2016-08-11_14.52.04.jpg2016-08-13_11.07.38.jpg 
  82   Sat Aug 13 14:05:02 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFirst work on the measurement user interfaceToday I started programming part of the
user interface that will be used to perform
the measurements. Not much implemented so
  83   Sun Aug 14 11:40:29 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressSome python code Today I wrote some auxiliary functions
that will be useful for the measurement system:

noise.py: set of functions
  84   Sun Aug 14 18:13:52 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressProgress on the user interfaceSome progress on writing the user interface:

  86   Tue Aug 16 11:53:30 2016 Alena, GabrieleCleanDaily ProgressClean room progressSome progress on the cleam room: bar fixed
to the wall, some more structure built, filters
in place. We had to (literally) work around
  88   Wed Aug 17 16:41:05 2016 Gabriele, AlenaCleanDaily ProgressClean room construction progressThe clean room frame is built and secured
to the floor and wall. Panels are being installed
on the ceiling and back. Also, the optical
  89   Thu Aug 18 18:15:18 2016 Gabriele, AlenaCleanDaily ProgressClean room construction progressCeiling, back and side panels are installed.
The air filters have been cabled and connected
to the power supply.
  90   Fri Aug 19 13:46:55 2016 Alena, Calum, Jon, Liz, Steve, GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressClean room and vacuum completeThis morning we installed the clean room
curtains and washed them. It turns out that
the air filters are supposed to be powered
  91   Fri Aug 19 19:05:01 2016 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressDisk installed into the chamberI assembled the disk suspension sytem and
installed into the chamber. Although I don't
have the magnets and coils, I installed the
  92   Sat Aug 20 17:01:10 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFirst ring down measurementsEverything is working pretty well. This
morning the pressure was about 1.2e-6 Torr.
I connected the high voltage amplifier and
  93   Sat Aug 20 22:18:26 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFirst measured QsUsing the first ring down of the day (GPS 1155754513
+ 3600 seconds), I computed the amplitude
of each of the modes already identified,
  94   Sun Aug 21 08:51:22 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressNew disk installedVented the chamber. Installed a new disk
(MO 03). The one I measured yesterday is
now named MO 02 and it is the one with the
  95   Sun Aug 21 13:45:56 2016 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressWierd behavior of ring downs and Improved setupThe last two ring downs I measured today
showed a weird behavior of the lowest modes:

  96   Sun Aug 21 15:36:16 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressNew testRoughing pump stopped at about 3:30:30pm.
HV amplifier on at 3:33:30pm, excitation
at 3:35:30pm. Recentered QPD at 3:36pm
  97   Sun Aug 21 17:16:03 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressRing down measurement with new diskAfter fixing the setup, the measurement
with the new disk looks great. After more
than one hour the first two modes are still
  98   Sun Aug 21 17:41:34 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressNew testI checked the status at about 5:20pm, the
turbo pump was in error and spinning down,
since the roughing pump has been off for
  99   Mon Aug 22 08:29:24 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressNew testRestarted roughing and turbo pump at about

  101   Mon Aug 22 16:59:13 2016 Gabriele, AlastairOpticsDaily ProgressLaser polishing of the disk edgesWe set up a test facility for laser polishing
the disk edges, using the CO2 laser in the
TCS laboratory. We focused the beam with
  102   Tue Aug 23 08:46:04 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressDaily testsMO03 - edge polished:

Turbo off, QPD centered, before
excitation (60 seconds)
  106   Sun Sep 11 10:05:33 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressNew substrate in the chamberI installed one of the new substrates (with
flats) into the chamber, and started the
pumpdown at about 9:45am LT.
  107   Mon Sep 12 16:00:06 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFirst fully automated measurements of ring downI finished the first version of the automation
software to measure the ring down of the
disk modes. I tested it with the new substrate
  116   Tue Sep 20 15:34:00 2016 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressImproved optical lever layoutGoal

Improve the optical setup,
by increasing the response of the QPD to
disk motion.
  124   Fri Sep 23 08:11:48 2016 GabrieleMechanicsDaily ProgressTest of the disk retaining ring motionIn brief, it doesn't work. The magnets
and coils are strong enough to push up the
ring with a sample inside, but the friction
  127   Mon Sep 26 15:59:09 2016 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressQPD auto centeringWe have a few motorized mounts (with New
Focus picomotors) and one controller (an
old New Focus 8753, six axis total) that
  140   Thu Oct 20 14:38:24 2016 GabrieleCleanDaily ProgressCleaning of S1600433 and S1600438Samples #433 (annealed and cleaned) and
#438 (as received from Mark Optics) are now
with GariLynn for deep cleaning.
  189   Tue Nov 15 10:35:11 2016 GabrieleMechanicsDaily ProgressParts for laser polishing setup are hereThe parts all fit as expected. They're
mounted on the stages.

  192   Wed Nov 16 09:43:25 2016 Gabriele, AlastairGeneralDaily ProgressCO2 laser polishing setupYesterday we assembled the lase polishing
system. The Co2 laser power can be controlled
using a waveplate, so we can turn on the
  256   Fri Jan 6 12:19:22 2017 Alena, Bob, Stephen and CalumGeneralDaily ProgressSecond vacuum chamberCleaning and baking (200 C air foe SS and
120 for Al) parts for the new vacuum chamber

  270   Fri Jan 20 17:20:20 2017 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressInput part of the optical lever setup installed and alignedToday I installed and aligned part of the
optical components for the optical lever
of the new setup. For the moment being I
  272   Mon Jan 23 16:29:52 2017 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressInput part of the optical lever setup installed and alignedToday I cabled and installed the four QPD,
in a temporary position. I also assembled
four picomotor mounts that will be used for
  276   Wed Jan 25 10:02:23 2017 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressHigh voltage system in placeThis morning I installed in the clean room
the high voltage amplifier and the high voltage
relays. Everything is cabled as planned.
  277   Wed Jan 25 16:12:05 2017 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressSome assembly
assembled the four in-vacuum periscopes
(no mirrors yet)
soldered kapton
wires to the four ESD board; the vacuum side
  278   Thu Jan 26 17:06:59 2017 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFour fold measurement system installationToday I installed the four GeNS systems
into the chamber, connected the ESD to the
HV feedthrough and put the periscopes in
  280   Fri Jan 27 14:56:55 2017 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressOptical lever setup completedThe four optical levers are completely
installed and aligned to a horizontal reference.

  282   Mon Jan 30 15:16:54 2017 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressFour samples in chamber
checked that the high voltage paths
are working:

the DAC signal
is properly received and amplified by the
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