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  224   Mon Dec 5 10:39:16 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueFor a long time I had problems with the
GPS time in frames being different from the
real one.
  227   Tue Dec 6 09:02:17 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueThings seems to be worse now. This morning
I injected noise at GPS 1165078533 (real
time, as obtained from the python command
  228   Tue Dec 6 10:38:19 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueUPDATE:

Now the time difference is about
30 seconds. It seems that the real time model
  229   Tue Dec 6 11:22:58 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueI swapped the SR signal generator with
an Agilent 33210A. Shut down and restarted
the cymac3. Now the command line GPS and
  231   Tue Dec 6 16:55:51 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueUpdate at 5pm, GPS times are still in sync.

  232   Wed Dec 7 08:14:05 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueUnfortunately, this morning the model time
is again wrong...

  233   Wed Dec 7 08:48:13 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationAuto center state written directly to dataI modified the autocenter script. Now while
the picomotor is moving, the variable X3:CR1-AUTOCENTER
takes the value 1, otherwise it is 0.
  235   Wed Dec 7 16:27:11 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueI put back the Stanford Reserch signal
generator. On a scope, the timing signal
looks good. There is a small ripple and some
  236   Thu Dec 8 09:26:10 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueFor the last ~day the difference between
the frontend GPS time and the machine GPS
time remained constant between -1 and -2
  237   Thu Dec 8 15:32:04 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTiming issue: is it a DAC issue?My previous
test showed that the timing drift was
somehow related to the output of the signal
  240   Mon Dec 12 14:15:53 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTiming issue: is it a DAC issue?I swapped the DAC with another one, but
I see the same behavior in the output signal.
Here's a spectrum of the DAC output,
  244   Sat Dec 17 06:29:15 2016 ranaElectronicsConfigurationTiming issue: is it a DAC issue?I find sometimes that the probe configuration
can give these distorted signals. For the
Tektronix probes, its best to use a 500 MHz
  254   Wed Jan 4 14:28:03 2017 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationReal time models for new measurement system
changed the name of the test chamber
real time model from CR1 to CR0. Updated
all MEDM screens and scripts (autocenter.py,
  261   Thu Jan 12 10:36:47 2017 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationAdded ESD bias path to model CR0I added to the model CR0 an additional
bias path for the ESD driver:

  275   Tue Jan 24 11:45:55 2017 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationPicomotor drivers
Changed the library Picomotor8752.py
to add a third axis 'r' that
will allow moving the in-vacuum retaining
  283   Tue Jan 31 09:03:12 2017 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationAuto centering script for the new setupI wrote an autocenter script for the four
QPD in the new setup (autocenter14.py) and
renamed the script for the old chamber (autocenter0.py).
  297   Wed Feb 8 17:06:11 2017 Gabriele, LarryElectronicsConfigurationPrivate networkThis morning Larry set up a network switch
to create a local network for the power strip
and the two Newport picomotor controllers.
  298   Thu Feb 9 08:35:24 2017 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationRemoved ESD bias path to model CR0Removed, since iit was not useful to improve
the actuation authority.

  299   Thu Feb 9 09:10:17 2017 Gabriele, LarryElectronicsConfigurationPrivate networkI reconfigured the powerstrip and the two
Newport controllers to use static IP address
in the new 10.10.10.X network, using the
  301   Thu Feb 9 11:35:27 2017 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationQPD calibration This morning I measured the beam profiles
at the QPD positions. As expected, the beams
are not gaussian there, since we are seeing
  314   Wed Feb 22 13:56:15 2017 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationSoftware improvements
created a single interface to move
the picomotors in front of QPD1 ... QPD4

command qpdcenter
  405   Thu Aug 10 13:36:08 2017 Gabriele, ZachMechanicsConfigurationESD moved closer to disk in CR0We first measured the distance of the ESD
from the disk in the test chamber (CR0).
We had to remove the retaining ring to have
  406   Fri Aug 11 09:22:21 2017 GabrieleMechanicsConfigurationESD moved closer to disk in CR0The plots below compare the SNR and peak
amplitude of all excited modes, in the new
and old configuration. The new confgiuration
  454   Tue Jan 30 09:19:09 2018 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationSetup for 50mm disksI realigned all optical levers to measure
the 50mm disks. In brief, I moved the input
2" mirrors, the in-vacuum 2" mirrors
  456   Tue Jan 30 15:56:36 2018 Gabriele, CraigElectronicsConfigurationTemporary data acqusition for PSL lab beat note and accelerometersWe set up the model x3tst to acquire at
65kHz four signals coming from the PSL lab:

  459   Tue Feb 13 16:28:49 2018 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationSetup resigned for 75mm disks    
  479   Thu Mar 8 09:40:10 2018 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationRealigned all optical levers to horizontal reference    
  497   Tue Mar 27 16:36:49 2018 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationOptical levers re-aligned for 50mm substrates    
  658   Fri Apr 12 09:36:54 2019 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationRealignmentI realigned the entire CR1-4 setup

ensured that beam out of
the chamber are at 6" height everywhere.
  8   Fri Oct 12 16:23:20 2012 janoschOpticsDaily Progressreassembled setupNothing has happened since Steve, the visiting
highschool teacher, has left. Meanwhile,
some parts of the multi-color BRDF setup
  9   Mon May 2 11:46:45 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressTable and vacuum chambers in the labElogs for the new Coatin
  10   Tue May 3 11:57:47 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressTable and vacuum chambers in the labWe discovered a couple of days ago that
the table was sitting on three legs only
and the fourth one was dangling. I managed
  23   Thu Jun 16 00:47:42 2016 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressQuality factor measurement of a Mark Optics disk at LMA[Massimo Granata (LMA), Quentin Cassar
(LMA), Gabriele] 

This week I'm visiting LMA
  24   Fri Jun 24 17:03:47 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressQPD electronicsBetween yesterday and today I populated
one QPD board (based on D1600196),
and started testing it. The transimpedance
  25   Tue Jun 28 10:17:28 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressQPD electronicsTransimpendance and whitening are working
properly. I can't get useful signal out
of the differential stages yet. I replaced
  27   Thu Jun 30 16:18:28 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressQPD electronics is workingToday I gave up trying to fix the first
board I populated, and built a second one.
The good news is that it's working as
  28   Thu Jun 30 17:23:54 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressCymacI got two new ADC and DAC boards from Rolf,
with the correct PCIe interface. I installed
them into the cymac and checked that the
  29   Fri Jul 1 15:12:12 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressQPD electronics noise 

I turned out that all the noise
I was seeing in the QPD spectrum was due
  30   Thu Jul 7 16:40:22 2016 Gabriele ElectronicsDaily ProgressQPD boxesTo mitigate the issue of ambient light
pulluting the QPD signal, I mounted the prototype
into a custum built box. This helps a lot.
  31   Thu Jul 7 17:44:11 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber tests[Alena, Gabriele]

This afternoon we opened the tall
belljar vacuum chamber, and took everything
  33   Fri Jul 8 15:26:37 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber testsFixed the 307 gauge controller (a missing
contact on the rair panel). The low pressure
gauge was connected to 1G port and has measured
  36   Mon Jul 11 14:56:45 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber testsInstalled a gate valve between the roughing
and tubbo pump. See below a pump down curve.
The convection gauge is not calibrated. the
  37   Mon Jul 11 15:21:12 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressOne disk installed into the chamber[Alena, Gabriele]

We attached one of the silicon
lenses to a 1" optical post using some
  38   Mon Jul 11 17:04:06 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber testsAt 5pm the pressure was 6.5e-6 torr.

Checked again at:

9am, pressure was 2e-6
  39   Tue Jul 12 17:19:07 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressADC and DAC cablingThis afternoon I completed the assembly
of the electronics boards to interface the
ADC and DAC. The ADC is interfaced with a
  41   Thu Jul 14 16:56:00 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily Progresstest vacuum systemPlease see prosidures for pumping down
and venting with air for the test vacuum
chamber here
  43   Fri Jul 15 16:05:07 2016 GabrieleElectronicsDaily ProgressElectrostatic actuator installedUsing the already installed high voltage
feedthrough, I cabled one of the electrostatic
actuators (1mm gap between electrodes) and
  44   Fri Jul 15 17:56:50 2016 GabrieleGeneralDaily ProgressQPD connected to digital systemI connected the QPD to the ADC interface
with a temporary cable running on the floor.

I could get signals. I still have
  45   Sat Jul 16 14:15:44 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressPump down startedFollowing Alena's
procedure, at about 1:30pm LT I started
the chamber pump down. At 14:15pm LT the
  46   Mon Jul 18 13:39:45 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressPump down startedToday at 1:40pm pressure is 8.5e-7 Torr

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