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  155   Tue Nov 1 15:34:49 2016 Alena, CalumGeneral Annealing runAnnealing run (449-453) on 3" wafers
- Crime 11/01/2016 https://dcc.ligo.org/T1600507
  430   Thu Sep 14 15:59:10 2017 GabrieleFacility All wrapped up for Saturday plumbing work   2017-09-14_14.03.21.jpg2017-09-14_14.03.53.jpg2017-09-14_14.04.15.jpg 
  263   Wed Jan 18 14:29:16 2017 AlenaGeneralAnnealingAnnealing run (489-490) on 3" wafers - Crime 01/18/2017
Started annealing run Annealing run
(489-490) on 3" wafers - Crime 01/18/2017
  269   Fri Jan 20 16:00:36 2017 AlenaGeneralAnnealingAnnealing run (491-496) on 3" wafers - Crime 01/20/2017 Started Annealing run (491-496) on
3" wafers - Crime 01/20/2017 https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-T1700036
Will be done by Monday
  350   Wed Jun 21 17:04:20 2017 AlenaGeneralAnnealingAnnealing run (541-542) on 3" wafers - Crime 06/25/2017Started an annealing run https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-T1700271

Will be ready by Friday morning

  355   Tue Jun 27 09:20:16 2017 AlenaGeneralAnnealingAnnealing run (546-551) on 3" wafers - Crime 06/27/2017Started annealing run https://dcc.ligo.org/T1700293

Will be ready by June 28th afternoon
  453   Thu Jan 25 15:33:51 2018 Gabriele, BenGeneralAnnealingAnnealing of 50mm disksAnnealing of 8 fused silica substrates
(50mm/0.5mm) started at 3:30pm, January 25th
2018. Standard program: 9 hours ramp up to
  1   Wed Jul 11 23:01:01 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationstarting the multi-color scatter experimentSteve Maloney, a visiting highschool teacher,
and I have started to set up a new scattering
experiment in the Richter lab. The idea is
  2   Fri Jul 13 10:34:35 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationcamera imageWe were confused a bit about how the camera
image changes when you move the arm that
holds the camera and lens around the
  3   Fri Jul 13 20:53:35 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationtwo imagesThe following two pictures were taken from
the same angle with green (left) and red
(right) incident laser at an angle of 15deg
  4   Tue Jul 17 18:32:11 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationpurple imagesWe have the new 405nm laser pointer. 
The image to the left shows the scattered
light from the red laser, the image to the
  5   Wed Jul 18 18:43:34 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationgone with the windHere a little purple video. It starts with
scattering angle around 15deg and stops at
about 80deg. 
  6   Fri Jul 20 18:35:42 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationpurple improvements and first uncalibrated BSDF curvesToday we improved alignment of the lens-camera
arm. We discovered earlier that this alignment
affects the amount of "snowfall"
  7   Tue Jul 24 10:59:59 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationsum of purple and redWe played around with Matlab today. The
first step was to convert light wavelengths
into RGB colors. In this way we can combine
  19   Fri May 27 02:09:37 2016 GabrieleMechanicsCharacterizationLowest usable mode of fused silica disksI did some FEA simulation of fused silica
disks, to identify the lowest usable eigenmode.
By usable I mean a mode that has zero elastic
  47   Mon Jul 18 13:42:46 2016 GabrieleElectronicsCharacterizationQPD signal conventionThe QPD quadrants are wired accoridng to
the following convention
  60   Mon Jul 25 15:35:31 2016 GabrieleOpticsCharacterizationCalibration of the QPD in physical unitsThe
equations below are wrong. Please refer to https://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8081/CRIME_Lab/116
  61   Mon Jul 25 17:44:13 2016 GabrieleElectronicsCharacterizationHigh frequency noise budgetI measured the noise sources limiting the
QPD sensitivity. Unfortunately, I had to
do some MATLAB tricks to get rid of the glitches:
  62   Tue Jul 26 11:45:03 2016 GabrieleElectronicsCharacterizationHigh frequency noise budgetJust to confirm that my noise estimates
make sense, here's a plot of the not-normalized
QPD signal that gives the X motion (sum and
  73   Tue Aug 2 16:00:32 2016 GabrieleElectronicsCharacterizationMore on the signal jumpsSo I’m
sending a 1.123 Hz sinusoid into the ADC,
  105   Thu Sep 1 02:13:33 2016 GabrieleOpticsCharacterizationExpected frequencies for the 75 mm disks with flatsHere are the nominal parameters of the
disk with flats

  207   Tue Nov 22 08:21:35 2016 GabrieleElectronicsCharacterizationADC saturationLast night measurements didn't work
well: even without exciting the modes, the
ADC was saturating because of the low frequency
  289   Wed Feb 1 16:58:10 2017 GabrieleGeneralCharacterizationExcitation testsThe excitation is working fine. However,
there is a large cross coupling in the excitation
between channels: so if I switch on only
  413   Wed Aug 16 14:35:05 2017 GabrieleGeneralComputersWorkstation is downWhile I was working, the network connection
went down. I tried to reboot the workstation,
but I won't boot anymore.
  418   Fri Aug 18 14:05:36 2017 GabrieleGeneralComputersWorkstation is now upReinstalled Debian 8, all packages and
CDS software.

Everything seems to be working
  22   Fri Jun 10 13:44:06 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationHow to setup a workstationInstructions on how to setup a workstation
are available here:

  26   Wed Jun 29 16:44:17 2016 GabrieleGeneralConfigurationFirst disk eigenfrequencyThe following table shows the lowest eigenfrequency
(Hz) for different sizes of disks

  34   Fri Jul 8 16:49:11 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationCyMAC In the last days Jamie installed the patched
kernel to run the real time system (RTS)
on the new CyMAC. Today (with Jamie's
  35   Mon Jul 11 08:49:25 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationCymac RTS configurationI copy here parts of an email from Jamie
with instructions on how to run the RTS on
the cymac:
  40   Thu Jul 14 15:30:48 2016 ericqElectronicsConfigurationCymac RTS configurationWe played around a bit with the cymac,
in efforts to make things better.

We disabled some more fancy-sounding
  42   Thu Jul 14 17:06:47 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationNetworkingThe laboratory workstation is coatings.ligo.caltech.edu

The RTS is cymac3.ligo.caltech.edu

I set up a ssh-mount of the /opt/rtcds/userapps
  50   Mon Jul 18 17:48:58 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationStatus of real time system and workstation[EricQ, Gabriele]

The real time system seems to be
working properly, except for the excitations:
  54   Tue Jul 19 20:19:38 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationGlitches are a digital artifactThe glitches I saw in the data happens
roughly every second, even though not
exactly on the second. They are suddend jumps
  55   Wed Jul 20 10:26:40 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationAre glitches a digital artifact?Not so sure anymore...

those glitches do not happen
at regular times
I tried to send
  58   Fri Jul 22 14:22:10 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationInvestigations on the signal jumps[Rolf, Ben, Rich, Gabriele]

Rolf couldn't find any good
explanation on the software side for the
  59   Mon Jul 25 12:24:06 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationMore on the signal jumpsHere are two more tests I did this morning

removed the DAC card from
the cymac and the models, and restarted everything:
  64   Wed Jul 27 10:19:36 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationLast finding in the signal jump sagaThis plot shows a signal which is generated
purely digitally inside a code that I was
  78   Thu Aug 11 09:10:01 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationReal time modelCompiled and installed an updated real
time model. It acquires the four QPD segments,
compute sum and differences, and normalize.
  79   Thu Aug 11 10:59:39 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationQuadrant calibrationI cross checked the calibration of the
sum channel with a  power meter. Now
all quadnant signals X3:Q?_OUT and the sum
  80   Fri Aug 12 10:33:14 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationStorage added to cymac3Installed two new 2TB disks into the cymac3.
Also, the main disk has a 1TB partition with
the operating system, so I created a new
  87   Tue Aug 16 11:57:03 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationFixed cymac3 network and time issueThe cymac3 internal clock was off by about
10 seconds. When I tried to start the NTP
service, I found out that the cymac3 couldn't
  122   Thu Sep 22 13:39:40 2016 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationUpdated design for the new C.Ri.Me. setupToday I measured the amount of space available
on the table for the new (4-fold) C.Ri.Me.
setup. It's 1050 x 1220 mm, with the
  123   Thu Sep 22 15:00:49 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationEpics values now saved to framesI was looking at some past trend data and
discovered that EPICS values were not written
to the frames. I added the following two
  125   Fri Sep 23 08:33:39 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationEpics values now saved to framesNow EPICS values are saved to frames, but
they are all zero! I noticed that we always
had the same problems with the cymac2 too.
  126   Mon Sep 26 15:54:01 2016 GabrieleFacilityConfigurationMoved vacuum controllersI moved the turbo pump controller out of
the clean room. Also, I installed the gauge
controller on the Cymac rack.
  129   Tue Sep 27 14:54:53 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationEpics values now saved to framesApparently, there was a mismatch in the
configuration, and DAQD was adding a wonderful
16 Hz comb all over the spectrum.
  143   Fri Oct 21 15:27:15 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationRemoved low pass filter in SUMI removed the low pass filter in the QPD
SUM signal, used for normalization. This
reduced a lot the bump at ~20kHz due to laser
  158   Fri Nov 4 11:31:11 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationAutocenter control and model modificationsRemoved the peak meter lock from the model,
since it's not used

Added and EPICS binary bit to control
  173   Thu Nov 10 14:13:34 2016 gabrieleElectronicsConfigurationMATLAB code to control Thorlabs stagesTo be used to automate the laser polishing.  move_complete.mthrolabs_activex.manimation.mdraw_wafer.m 
  217   Tue Nov 29 17:06:13 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationChanged whitening filters of four more boardsI modified four more QPD boards to implement
the new whitening filters detailed in elog 207.
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