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  3   Fri Jul 13 20:53:35 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationtwo imagesThe following two pictures were taken from
the same angle with green (left) and red
(right) incident laser at an angle of 15deg
  41   Thu Jul 14 16:56:00 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily Progresstest vacuum systemPlease see prosidures for pumping down
and venting with air for the test vacuum
chamber here
  7   Tue Jul 24 10:59:59 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationsum of purple and redWe played around with Matlab today. The
first step was to convert light wavelengths
into RGB colors. In this way we can combine
  1   Wed Jul 11 23:01:01 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationstarting the multi-color scatter experimentSteve Maloney, a visiting highschool teacher,
and I have started to set up a new scattering
experiment in the Richter lab. The idea is
  131   Wed Sep 28 10:26:58 2016 ranaGeneralGeneralreferences on ideal glassesSome easy to read reviews on
thin films and ideal glass for people getting
started in this Q measuring game.

  8   Fri Oct 12 16:23:20 2012 janoschOpticsDaily Progressreassembled setupNothing has happened since Steve, the visiting
highschool teacher, has left. Meanwhile,
some parts of the multi-color BRDF setup
  6   Fri Jul 20 18:35:42 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationpurple improvements and first uncalibrated BSDF curvesToday we improved alignment of the lens-camera
arm. We discovered earlier that this alignment
affects the amount of "snowfall"
  4   Tue Jul 17 18:32:11 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationpurple imagesWe have the new 405nm laser pointer. 
The image to the left shows the scattered
light from the red laser, the image to the
  5   Wed Jul 18 18:43:34 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationgone with the windHere a little purple video. It starts with
scattering angle around 15deg and stops at
about 80deg. 
  288   Wed Feb 1 15:35:30 2017 GabrieleGeneralDaily Progressexcitation not working - FIXEDMy bad, a cable was disconnected.

  2   Fri Jul 13 10:34:35 2012 janoschOpticsCharacterizationcamera imageWe were confused a bit about how the camera
image changes when you move the arm that
holds the camera and lens around the
  504   Fri Mar 30 19:12:15 2018 GabrieleGeneralMeasurementsZirconia S1600519 S1600522 S16005652018-03-30

7:10pm in

S1800634 (Zirconia)
in CR1
S1600519 in CR2
  418   Fri Aug 18 14:05:36 2017 GabrieleGeneralComputersWorkstation is now upReinstalled Debian 8, all packages and
CDS software.

Everything seems to be working
  413   Wed Aug 16 14:35:05 2017 GabrieleGeneralComputersWorkstation is downWhile I was working, the network connection
went down. I tried to reboot the workstation,
but I won't boot anymore.
  95   Sun Aug 21 13:45:56 2016 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressWierd behavior of ring downs and Improved setupThe last two ring downs I measured today
showed a weird behavior of the lowest modes:

  287   Wed Feb 1 15:23:42 2017 GabrieleOpticsNoise huntingWandering line is due to the laserThe wandering line I mentioned in my previous
elog, which is spoiling most of the sensitivity,
turns out to be power noise of the laser. 
  186   Mon Nov 14 11:28:33 2016 GabrieleGeneralVacuumViton padsI added three 1"x1" viton pads
below the base plate, and realigned the entire
optical system to the horizontal reference
  52   Tue Jul 19 17:15:37 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum pressure acquired[Alena, Gabriele]

We connected the analog output
of the vacuum gauge controller to one of
  31   Thu Jul 7 17:44:11 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber tests[Alena, Gabriele]

This afternoon we opened the tall
belljar vacuum chamber, and took everything
  33   Fri Jul 8 15:26:37 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber testsFixed the 307 gauge controller (a missing
contact on the rair panel). The low pressure
gauge was connected to 1G port and has measured
  36   Mon Jul 11 14:56:45 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber testsInstalled a gate valve between the roughing
and tubbo pump. See below a pump down curve.
The convection gauge is not calibrated. the
  38   Mon Jul 11 17:04:06 2016 AlenaFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber testsAt 5pm the pressure was 6.5e-6 torr.

Checked again at:

9am, pressure was 2e-6
  66   Wed Jul 27 15:43:02 2016 GabrieleFacilityDaily ProgressVacuum chamber dismantled and ready for cleaning[Alena, Gabriele]

As decided at out Red Door meeting,
we're going to clean the vacuum chamber
  331   Fri Mar 10 16:44:13 2017 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressUpdated in vacuum periscope of CR0This afternoon I removed the old periscope
from CR0 and installed a new one with finely
adjustable mount, like those in the new chamber.
  122   Thu Sep 22 13:39:40 2016 GabrieleOpticsConfigurationUpdated design for the new C.Ri.Me. setupToday I measured the amount of space available
on the table for the new (4-fold) C.Ri.Me.
setup. It's 1050 x 1220 mm, with the
  447   Tue Dec 12 15:35:27 2017 GabrieleGeneralMeasurementsUniversity Wafers substrates (76.2mm/0.5mm) annelaed2017-12-12

Four substrates
from University Wafers (76.2mm / 0.5mm) in
  409   Tue Aug 15 16:43:58 2017 ZachElectronicsModelingUnchanged Mode Insight2017-08-15

It appears
to me that the major factor limiting the
improvement of the modes that either remain
  296   Wed Feb 8 17:01:01 2017 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressTwo laser installed, setup alignedToday I swapped out the 8mW laser
and installed two 2.5 mW lasers. I rebuilt
the input part of the optical levers and
  300   Thu Feb 9 09:30:52 2017 GabrieleOpticsDaily ProgressTwo laser installed, setup alignedThe lasers are behaving well, there is
no high noise or wandering lines. The spectrum
below is taken in air: that explains the
  415   Thu Aug 17 14:19:04 2017 ZachElectronicsModelingTwo ESD Optimization2017-08-17

I ran a
sweep of the position of the middle ESD to
determine the optimal arrangement. From the
  414   Wed Aug 16 16:05:09 2017 ZachElectronicsModelingTwo ESD First test2017-08-16

I created
a model with two ESD's, essentially a
combination of my previous two attempts with
  326   Thu Mar 2 11:27:47 2017 GabrieleGeneralNoise huntingTurbo pump of CR0 pollutes CR1The turbo pump of the CR0 chamber runs
at 833 Hz. It causes vibrations that pollute
the measurements in the CR1-4 chamber. In
  498   Tue Mar 27 16:37:22 2018 GabrieleGeneralVacuumTurbo pump for test chamber CR0 set pointI changed the set point of the test chamber
turbo pump to 666 Hz. This was done
by setting the "standby rotation speed"
  165   Mon Nov 7 11:27:16 2016 GabrieleGeneralVacuumTurbo pump excites some resonance at 58 HzI looked into a couple of turbo pump switch
on periods, and in both cases when the pump
speed hits 58 Hz, a resonance is excited.
  224   Mon Dec 5 10:39:16 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueFor a long time I had problems with the
GPS time in frames being different from the
real one.
  227   Tue Dec 6 09:02:17 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueThings seems to be worse now. This morning
I injected noise at GPS 1165078533 (real
time, as obtained from the python command
  228   Tue Dec 6 10:38:19 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueUPDATE:

Now the time difference is about
30 seconds. It seems that the real time model
  229   Tue Dec 6 11:22:58 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueI swapped the SR signal generator with
an Agilent 33210A. Shut down and restarted
the cymac3. Now the command line GPS and
  231   Tue Dec 6 16:55:51 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueUpdate at 5pm, GPS times are still in sync.

  232   Wed Dec 7 08:14:05 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueUnfortunately, this morning the model time
is again wrong...

  235   Wed Dec 7 16:27:11 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueI put back the Stanford Reserch signal
generator. On a scope, the timing signal
looks good. There is a small ripple and some
  236   Thu Dec 8 09:26:10 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTrying to debug GPS time issueFor the last ~day the difference between
the frontend GPS time and the machine GPS
time remained constant between -1 and -2
  400   Wed Aug 9 15:57:28 2017 ZachElectronicsModelingTriangular Geometry2017-08-09

I compared
the triangular geometry to the original geometry
and the excitation was only improved
  303   Fri Feb 10 17:16:28 2017 GabrieleMechanicsDaily ProgressTranslation stage to move retaining ringsThis afternoon I installed the picomotor
and the translation stage that will be used
to move the retaining rings up and down.
  304   Sat Feb 11 16:22:26 2017 GabrieleMechanicsDaily ProgressTranslation stage to move retaining ringsThe ring motion up and down was not very
smooth, again due to friction on the centering
  237   Thu Dec 8 15:32:04 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTiming issue: is it a DAC issue?My previous
test showed that the timing drift was
somehow related to the output of the signal
  240   Mon Dec 12 14:15:53 2016 GabrieleElectronicsConfigurationTiming issue: is it a DAC issue?I swapped the DAC with another one, but
I see the same behavior in the output signal.
Here's a spectrum of the DAC output,
  244   Sat Dec 17 06:29:15 2016 ranaElectronicsConfigurationTiming issue: is it a DAC issue?I find sometimes that the probe configuration
can give these distorted signals. For the
Tektronix probes, its best to use a 500 MHz
  239   Mon Dec 12 08:42:44 2016 GabrieleGeneralMeasurementsThermoelastic losses in Si sampleFollowing the model from R. Nawrodt et
al. Investigation of mechanical losses
of thin silicon flexures at low temperatures,
  76   Wed Aug 10 10:04:35 2016 GabrieleMechanicsDaily ProgressThe prototype of the disk retain system is hereYesterday we received the prototype of
the disk suspension and retain system. Everything
looks good. I checked that the disk fits
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