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Message ID: 85     Entry time: Sun Aug 14 18:26:19 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Plans for the automatic mode search 

Here's how I imagine the mode search to proceed:

  1. the user select the list of nominal frequencies and the frequency range for the search
  2. the automation creates an excitation which is a sum of band-limited white noise, centered around each of the modes, with the desired bandwidth. The excitation is normalized to match a reasonable fraction of the DAC range
  3. the excitation is injected for a given amount of time and each band is searched for the mode. In each band, if a mode is found, the frequency is estimated together with the maximum SNR obtained and the results are saved
  4. if some modes are not found, the automation will try to improve the noise, by scaling all band amplitudes in such a way to have the same resulting SNR for the modes. In this way we should get more dynamical range and could increase the excitation for the modes that were not found
  5. if some modes are still unidentified, then the user will be asked to choose between a few options:
    1. skip the mode
    2. try to excite it with an excitation focused on that band only
    3. increase the bandwidth for the search
    4. maintain the same bandwidth but move the band to adjacent frequencies
  6. At the end all identified modes will be stored in memory and saved to a file defined by the user
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