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Message ID: 84     Entry time: Sun Aug 14 18:13:52 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Daily Progress 
Subject: Progress on the user interface 

Some progress on writing the user interface:

Now the user can open a file that defines the nominal mode frequencies (from COMSOL simulations) and select which modes to search for:

The plan is that the automation will then inject band limited noise around each nominal frequency, to excite the mode, and then find the exact frequency. The user can set some additional parameters like

  • the duration of the excitation (I plan to use this as a maximum: if the mode rings up with large enough SNR after a shorter time, the injection will stop earlier)
  • the amplitude of the excitation (units to be determined)
  • the bandwitdh, otr in other words how many Hz the noise will be spread around the nominla frequency to search for the mode.
  • the minimum SNR to detect a peak (here the automation will get a spectrum before any excitation, to be used as the baseline to whiten all further spectra)
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