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Message ID: 83     Entry time: Sun Aug 14 11:40:29 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Daily Progress 
Subject: Some python code  

Today I wrote some auxiliary functions that will be useful for the measurement system:

  • noise.py: set of functions to generate band-limited noise (using inverse FFT) and multiple band noise. Using the awg python interface I can also start and stop the noise injection. Some examples of the result:

  • readdata.py: read data online, compute a spectrum, and additionally a function that find peaks in a whitened spectrum. All peaks above a minimum SNR are returned: the central frequency is computed by an average of the bin SNR:

  • diskmodel.py: reads a list of mode frequencies from txt files. In each file, the first row is the disk diameter in mm, the second is the disk thickness in mm, all other rows are the modes are computed by COMSOL. I also produced a whole bunch of such files, with diameters within 75 +- 0.1 mm and thickness within 1 +- 0.1 mm
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