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Message ID: 75     Entry time: Wed Aug 10 09:39:38 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Daily Progress 
Subject: Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: habemus Cymac 

Yesterday I cloned the cymac2 disk and installed it into the cymac3.

Jamie tweaked a few things (I can't really give more details) and now cymac3 is up an running with the same software as cymac2.

I compiled and installed the CR1 model, to readout the QPD. No more jumps in the signals!

To be able to access testpoints and have AWG working I had to follow the hack explained here: Cryo_Lab/781

I tested the following features:

  • the model is running and signals look good
  • I can access test points and DQ channels in real time with both dataviewer and DTT
  • I can access old data with dataviewer, using NDS
  • awggui is working and I can inject noise, that is properly going to the DAC channel (I check with a scope in the analog world)
  • I can upload filters using foton

The plot below shows the spectrum of the QPD. For the moment being I'm just sending a straight HeNe beam into the QPD, since the test setup with the disk is no more available. Units are arbitrary

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