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Entry  Mon May 13 18:37:47 2019, aaron, Clean, General, Clean room gear 
    Reply  Mon May 20 10:35:45 2019, aaron, Clean, General, Clean room gear 
Message ID: 696     Entry time: Mon May 20 10:35:45 2019     In reply to: 689
Author: aaron 
Type: Clean 
Category: General 
Subject: Clean room gear 


There is a buy list of approved clean room supplies posted here https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-E1300399. This list is used by designated people to keep clean rooms supplies stock at each site including LIGO labs in Downs, 40m and the CRIME lab. Not sure what lab you are working in and what regulations you have there. Typically we study the list of the approved supplies, figure out what budget can be used for supplies for a particular experiment. Depending on what your project is, you may be able to just take what you need from the existing LIGO stock (I believe there is one for Downs and one for Bridge and 40m) or work with Liz, Bob or Chub on ordering it for your via approved channels.


Mon May 13 18:37:37 2019

Entered CRIME lab to borrow 4x hair nets and face masks. Can you please advise on what I should order for clean lab equipment? There are more options on techmart than I anticipated. We're in the process of increasing the cleanliness of the SiQ experiment.


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