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Message ID: 658     Entry time: Fri Apr 12 09:36:54 2019
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Optics 
Category: Configuration 
Subject: Realignment 

I realigned the entire CR1-4 setup

  • ensured that beam out of the chamber are at 6" height everywhere. Moved some iris to center them
  • ensured that the beam hits the 45 degrees in-vacuum mirrors at a height of 3.78" = 96 mm
  • checked that all incoming beams are roughly centered on the 45 degrees in-vacuum mirrors. Move some of them in-vacuum mirror posts
  • realigned the input steering mirros horizontally and the in-vacuum mirros so that the beams reflected from a water-level are not clippe anywhere
  • realigned the horizontal reference to the center of all QPDs
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