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Entry  Fri Jul 6 19:43:54 2018, Alena, General, Measurements, S1800614 S1800619 S1600600 
    Reply  Tue Jul 10 13:50:32 2018, Gabriele, General, Measurements, S1800614 S1800619 S1600600 
Message ID: 550     Entry time: Tue Jul 10 13:50:32 2018     In reply to: 549
Author: Gabriele 
Type: General 
Category: Measurements 
Subject: S1800614 S1800619 S1600600 

Measurement for S1600600 started at 11:50am

  • 19:30 in chamber
    • S1800614 in CR1
    • S1800618 in CR2
    • S1600600 in CR4
  • 19:40 roughing pump on
  • 19:45 turbo pump on

Started a measurement for CR1 and CR2 only. CR4 is instaled, centered and ready to be measured later


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