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Message ID: 407     Entry time: Tue Aug 15 00:09:01 2017
Author: Zach 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Modeling 
Subject: ESD Improvements 


  • I did my best to increase the excitation in the higher order modes. By making the ESD narrower (a 6mm electrode overlap) the higher order excitation is improved drastically, by factors of between 10 and 30 for most modes.  I also created a double ESD (see image) that excited the modes by a factor of 3 or more better than the thinner drive. The plotted ratios are relative to the original geometry, but both of these geometries do better than previous geometries by factors of 2 or 3. 
  • After a lot of experimentation, I think that there are non-trivial numerical artifacts from the force projection method. I have noticed that in the modes that are almost entirely unchanged by modifications, both the mode and its doublet have equal regions of positive and negative antinodes directly above the ESD force profile. This can be more clearly seen in the attached mode plot, the rectangle represents the region of the ESD. As a result of this, when the mode shape and force profile are multiplied and integrated the resultant force is very small. I expect this does not appear in the lab because the modes could be rotated at a different angle relative to the ESD. I am not sure how to effectively resolve this, perhaps checking other rotations of the mode shapes could be productive though I am unsure how to effectively accomplish this. 

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