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Entry  Thu Aug 10 13:36:08 2017, Gabriele, Zach, Mechanics, Configuration, ESD moved closer to disk in CR0 
    Reply  Fri Aug 11 09:22:21 2017, Gabriele, Mechanics, Configuration, ESD moved closer to disk in CR0 esd_ampl.pngesd_snr.png
Message ID: 406     Entry time: Fri Aug 11 09:22:21 2017     In reply to: 405
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Mechanics 
Category: Configuration 
Subject: ESD moved closer to disk in CR0 

The plots below compare the SNR and peak amplitude of all excited modes, in the new and old configuration. The new confgiuration is worse than the old one. This is unexpected, since the distance between ESD and disk is smaller.

However, yesterday we found out that setting the ESD so close to the disk is very tricky, and we might have some touching.

Additionally, the measured Q values of all modes are signfiicantly lower (by factors of >3), so it seems there is some additional friction. The mode frequencies are still compatible with the expected values, so it's unlikely that the ESD is touching the disk. One possible explanation for the worse Q can be residual gas damping in the area between the ESD and the disk: basically the gas moelcules that are left in the enclosed region between disk and ESD can create a viscous damping, which gets larger when the distance gets smaller [PhysRevLett.103.140601arxiv:0907.5375]. I'll try to do some computations later today.



We first measured the distance of the ESD from the disk in the test chamber (CR0). We had to remove the retaining ring to have reliable measurements

  • distance between top of the ESD and mounting plate: 12.30 mm
  • distance between top of the disk and mounting plate: 10.53 mm
  • ESD thickness: 0.55 mm

So initially the distance between disk and ESD is 1.22 mm

We re-aligned the optical setup to a horizontal reference, and moved down the ESD as much as we could. It's not completely clear if the ESD is touching the disk. We'll see after pump down. The new distance from the top of the ESD to the mounting plate is about 11.80 mm, so we should have moved the ESD 0.5mm closer to the disk.

Pump down started at ~1:30pm


  • Old configuration, 1.2mm distance ESD-disk:
    • GPS before exc. 1186417492 
    • GPS after exc. 1186417546
  • New configuration, 0.7mm distance ESD-disk
    • GPS before exc. 
    • GPS after exc.


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