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Entry  Mon Jul 11 08:49:25 2016, Gabriele, Electronics, Configuration, Cymac RTS configuration 
    Reply  Thu Jul 14 15:30:48 2016, ericq, Electronics, Configuration, Cymac RTS configuration 
Message ID: 40     Entry time: Thu Jul 14 15:30:48 2016     In reply to: 35
Author: ericq 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Configuration 
Subject: Cymac RTS configuration 

We played around a bit with the cymac, in efforts to make things better.

  • We disabled some more fancy-sounding options in the machine's BIOS
  • I created safe.snap files for the x3iop and x3tst models 
    • x3iop's was created by booting the model while mashing the EPICS command to set the burt restore bit, and then saving the EPICS database to file via the SDF screen
    • x3tst's was created by copying an existing .snap file 
  • I gave the controls user ownership of /frames via sudo chown controls:controls /frames
  • I then created the following folders (which the daqd log was complaining about not finding_
    • /frames/full
    • /frames/trend/minute
    • /frames/trend/minute_raw
    • /frames/trend/second
  • I also created the folder /opt/rtcds/tst/x3/target/fb, since that is listed in the daqd config as the nds job dir. (However nds does not seem to be running. Is it needed? I couldn't compile it in the rtbuild directory)

As I see it, the main problems that persist are:

  • daqd crashes over and over again every few seconds
    • The logs seem to be complaining about EPICS server problems. Is the related to whatever situation made the epics-env script neccessary?
  • The IOP seems to be taking too much time: 8-9 usec
    • This is especially problematic as Gabriele actually wants to run the IOP at an even faster rate than the current 64k, which isn't possible with the current timing
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