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Message ID: 314     Entry time: Wed Feb 22 13:56:15 2017
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Configuration 
Subject: Software improvements 
  1. created a single interface to move the picomotors in front of QPD1 ... QPD4
    • the command qpdcenter will open an interactive python shell to control the picomotors
  2. two scripts for automatic excitations are saved in /opt/rtcds/userapps/CyMAC/src/auto_excite*.py
    • they must run on the cymac. But they can be started from the control station using the commands autoexcite0 and autoexcite14
    • before starting the commands, set the parameters in the file. The two commands edit_autoexcite0 and edit_autoexcite14 will open the correct files
    • a log file of the excitation times will be saved
    • the scripts will check if there is an excitation going
  3. the two commands noise0 and noise14 can be used to start awggui to inject the correct noise
  4. updated the autocentering scripts, so that only one instance can run at a time.
    • launch them with the commands autocenter0 and autocenter14
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