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Entry  Thu Jan 12 10:36:47 2017, Gabriele, Electronics, Configuration, Added ESD bias path to model CR0 Screenshot.pngScreenshot-Untitled_Window.png
    Reply  Thu Feb 9 08:35:24 2017, Gabriele, Electronics, Configuration, Removed ESD bias path to model CR0 
Message ID: 261     Entry time: Thu Jan 12 10:36:47 2017     Reply to this: 298
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Configuration 
Subject: Added ESD bias path to model CR0 

I added to the model CR0 an additional bias path for the ESD driver:

Some funny RGC idiosyncrasy: if you have a filter bank named "SUM", you can't add a summation block: if you do you get a name conflict at compilation time. That's why I used a matrix

Updated the MEDM screen accordingly

A quick test shows that working with a bias does not improve the ability to excite the modes. The DAC saturates at +-32k, which corresponds to +-10V out of the ADC, matched to the input range of the HV amplifier. The largest excitation of high frequency modes is obtained by using white noise, no bias, and maximum amplitude.

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