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Message ID: 198     Entry time: Thu Nov 17 17:59:44 2016
Author: Gabriele, Alastair 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: CO2 laser polishing tests 

We improved the control software of the laser polishing system: now the rotation speed is large when the laser is missing the disk because of the flats.

We used S1600479 as a test. This substrate was marked as damaged and had a clear chip. It went thoruhg two different polishing runs

  • CO2 power ~19.5 W, speed 0.5 mm/s
  • CO2 power ~18.5 W, speed 0.25 mm/s

The second run was probably too slow, and we can see some kind of traces left on the main surface close to the edges

We then laser polished a good subtrate (S1600439) which was already measured before (137) and after annealing (144), with good Q values. This is a substrate from the first batch we received from Mark Optics. The polishing was done at ~ 18W and 0.5 mm/s.

Some pictures below:

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