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Message ID: 147     Entry time: Tue Oct 25 09:12:31 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: General 
Category: Measurements 
Subject: Comparison of first and second batch 

The plot below compares a sample from the first batch and two samples from the second batch. All samples are as received from Mark Optics, no annealing or any other treatment.

Both samples in the second batch show consistently and significantly lower Q values.

GariLynn and I inspected the two samples under the microscope. Surprisingly, the edges and the flats look much better than the samples from the first batch. See elog 148 for an image of a sample from the first batch

Link to IMG_3158.JPG

Link to IMG_3157.JPG

Link to IMG_3156.JPG

Link to IMG_3155.JPG

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