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Message ID: 139     Entry time: Thu Oct 20 11:04:03 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: General 
Category: Measurements 
Subject: Sample with flame polished edges 

Sample with edges flame polished in Glasgow


  • into the chamber and balanced at 11am. Pump down started at 11:00am.
  • it looks like the turbo pump shaked the sample too much and moved it significantly. At 11:44am I had to tweak a bit the input steering periscope to avoid the outgoing beam to be clipped on the pickoff mirror
  • roughing pump off at 2:27pm
  • excitation at 2:36pm (2000 V, 30 s)


% Freq        First Q of pair   Second Q of pair
1117.4        2.3392e+07        2.3392e+07
2555.9        1.8650e+07        1.8650e+07
4441.1        1.3003e+07        1.3003e+07
6759.2        1.6003e+07        1.5656e+07
6781.8        1.4795e+07        1.4795e+07
9499.2        5.6765e+06        5.6765e+06
10219.5       1.3148e+07        2.7060e+06
10222.3       1.3909e+07        4.2609e+04
11444.0       2.0756e+06        6.5364e+05
12649.4       1.0264e+07        8.7228e+06
12650.7       8.6808e+06        8.6808e+06
14176.3       1.0290e+07        1.0290e+07
14177.5       1.0185e+07        1.0185e+07
16113.7       1.0856e+07        9.7535e+06
16202.5       8.6733e+06        5.0176e+06
18619.0       1.3113e+07        1.3113e+07
18622.1       1.4864e+07        1.4864e+07
20149.0       1.4047e+06        1.4047e+06
21348.8       6.9944e+06        6.9944e+06
21353.3       8.0679e+06        3.1734e+05
23529.5       1.3076e+07        1.3076e+07
24482.3       9.6841e+06        9.6841e+06
24669.1       4.8629e+06        4.8629e+06
24670.5       6.3609e+06        6.3609e+06
25499.2       5.2216e+06        5.2216e+06
25828.0       3.3780e+06        3.3780e+06
27101.0       1.4934e+07        1.4934e+07
27103.5       1.4956e+07        1.4956e+07
28883.5       1.2076e+07        1.2076e+07
29068.6       1.1494e+07        1.1494e+07
29072.0       9.7555e+06        9.7555e+06
29190.0       5.9610e+06        5.9610e+06
29193.2       7.9280e+06        7.9280e+06
29502.2       7.8254e+06        7.8254e+06
30867.0       6.3681e+06        6.3681e+06
31267.0       1.6836e+06        1.4541e+05
32194.4       5.3275e+06        5.3275e+06
32200.0       5.9215e+06        2.6587e+06

The following plot compares the Q measured on this sample yesterday here at Caltech with the GeNS system, with the measurement perfomed by Raymond Robie in Glasgow.

- blue dots: measurements on the flame polished sample here at Caltech
- orange crosses and yellow triangles: Raymond’s measurements on the flame polished sample at in Glasgow (after annealing)
- purple crosses: typical Q values measured on disk samples (not annealed nor flame polished) here at Caltech

Flame polishing of the edges did not change significantly the Q we measure with the GeNS system. However, the GeNS system rovide systematically higher Q values for basically all measurable modes.


Attachment 7: ringdown_raw_data_2016_10_20.m  9 kB  Uploaded Fri Oct 21 09:33:06 2016  | Hide | Hide all
%% Parameters
prefix = '2016_10_20';  % name of the folder where result will be saved
gps0 = 1161034552;      % GPS time of clean data before excitation
gps1 = 1161034619;      % GPS time right after excitation
dt = 30;                % how much data to be used to search peaks

minsnr = 6;             % minimum peak SNR
minfr = 1000;           % minimum peak frequency
Dt = 3600;              % total amount of time for the ringdown measurement

... 303 more lines ...
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