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Message ID: 135     Entry time: Tue Oct 18 16:52:16 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: General 
Category: Measurements 
Subject: Sample inspections from annealing run 10/10/2016 


  • S1600432 shows some residual on face, close to the edge, probably from first contact
  • S1600433 looks ok
  • S1600434 shows a small residual on the face, the edge, probably from first contact, and a back spot, probably a residual of the contamination
  • S1600435 shows a large halo on the face, like what you get when solvents dry on the surface leaving some traces
  • S1600436 has some red residual on the edge, likely first contact
  • S1600437 the surface looks ok but the edge has a clear reddish color
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