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Message ID: 124     Entry time: Fri Sep 23 08:11:48 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: Mechanics 
Category: Daily Progress 
Subject: Test of the disk retaining ring motion 

In brief, it doesn't work. The magnets and coils are strong enough to push up the ring with a sample inside, but the friction with the three alignment pins is too large and random, so when the current to the coils is increased slowly, the ring doesn't move up smoothly (see first attached video). On the other hand, if the current is switched on abruptly, the ring shoot to the top and stays there. However, if a disk is placed on the support, it is ejected out (see second video). When the current is cut (smoothly or abruptly) the ring doesn't alway comes back to the bottom, but sometimes it stays stuck inclinded.

On the positive side, we probably don't need such a complicated system:

  1. in all the pump down I've done so far (ten or more), the disk never moved
  2. the ring is very useful, even when used manually, to find the initial centering of the disk: if we machine three small aluminum wedges that can be put under the ring to keep it raised (or three set screws), it can be used to place down the sample in a roughly centered position, that has always been good enough to get the beam almost back into the QPD.

Links to the two videos:
Video1 Video2

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