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Message ID: 110     Entry time: Wed Sep 14 20:17:33 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Band-limited excitation 

Excitation started at 20:15:30LT, 20 seconds long. The excitation is band-limited (10 Hz) centered around each of the predicted mode frequencies. Amplitude inversely proportional to the mode frequency.  The system was quiet before the excitation for many minutes.

For reference, here's the code used for the excitation:

from noise import *
from numpy import *
x = loadtxt('predicted_modes.txt')
bands = map(lambda x: [x-5,x+5], x)
ampl = x/x[0]
xx = multi_band_noise(bands, ampl, T=20, fs=65536)

n = AWGNoiseStream(1e-2*xx, channel='X3:CR1-ESD_EXC', rate=65536)


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