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Message ID: 100     Entry time: Mon Aug 22 12:01:52 2016
Author: Gabriele 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Tests of the day 

Disk excited at 12:01pm. Exited the room at 12:03pm.

Opened the chamber at about 2:30pm, got the disk out for edge polishing, installed it back at 3:30pm, pumping down at 3:40pm.

Stopped the roughing pump at 4:44:00pm (+60 seconds clean data, GPS 1155944657). Switched on the HV amplifier, excitation at 4:47:30pm. Recentered QPD, clean data from 4:48:30pm (GPS 1155944927)

After a first look at the data, it seems that something went wrong. I restearted the roughing pump and will pump overnight.  I found the QPD miscentered, so I centered it again.

Excited again at about 5:46:35pm. Clean data from 1155948460

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