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    Reply  Mon Jun 13 20:26:09 2022, yuta, Update, ASC, Yarm ASS re-tuning in progress -part 2- Screenshot_2022-06-13_20-47-12.pngScreenshot_2022-06-13_20-44-43.png
    Reply  Tue Jun 14 19:34:06 2022, yuta, Update, SUS, Resonant frequency identification from the free swing test 7x
    Reply  Wed Jun 15 15:45:37 2022, yuta, Update, SUS, LO1 LLCOIL now working, it was loose connection Measurement.JPGBAD.JPGScreenshot_2022-06-15_15-59-05.png
    Reply  Wed Jun 15 17:03:17 2022, yuta, Update, SUS, ITMY ULCOIL issue solved, loose connection in sat amp box Measured16Ohms.JPGSatAmpTerminator.JPGBAD.JPGSUCCESSFUL_KICK.png
    Reply  Thu Jun 16 15:29:03 2022, yuta, Update, PSL, PMC input beam aligned again, IMC  Screenshot_2022-06-16_15-27-30.png
    Reply  Fri Jun 17 16:22:21 2022, yuta, Update, LSC, Actuator calibration of BS. ITMX, ITMY, updated MICH displacement spectra from c1cal 6x
    Reply  Tue Jun 21 14:17:50 2022, yuta, Configuration, BHD, BHD DCPDs re-routed to c1sus2 C1X07ADC1.JPGBHDDCPDs.JPG
Entry  Tue Jun 21 21:17:16 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, RTS models for BHD added but PCIE error remaining Screenshot_2022-06-21_20-12-55_C1HPC.pngScreenshot_2022-06-21_20-14-56_C1SU2.pngScreenshot_2022-06-21_20-13-38_C1LSC.pngScreenshot_2022-06-21_20-34-44_RED.png
Entry  Wed Jun 22 18:55:31 2022, yuta, Update, LSC, Daily alignment work; POY trouble solved Screenshot_2022-06-22_17-17-42_XYaligned.pngScreenshot_2022-06-22_18-58-26_Transmission.png
    Reply  Mon Jun 27 12:32:45 2022, yuta, Update, IOO, WFS issues fixed 
Entry  Mon Jun 27 18:54:27 2022, yuta, Update, LSC, Modulation depths measurement using Yarm cavity scan YarmModIndex.png
    Reply  Tue Jun 28 14:24:23 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, BHD DC PD signals now also sent to c1lsc to circumvent IPC error C1LSC.JPGC1SUS2.JPGScreenshot_2022-06-28_16-03-16_BHDDCPDcopied.png
Entry  Fri Jul 1 08:50:48 2022, yuta, Summary, LSC, FPMI with REFL/AS55 trial 
    Reply  Thu Jul 7 18:18:19 2022, yuta, Update, LSC, Actuator calibration of ETMX and ETMX Screenshot_2022-07-05_14-52-01_OLTF.pngScreenshot_2022-07-05_14-54-03_TF.pngScreenshot_2022-07-05_14-56-41_Ratio.png
    Reply  Thu Jul 7 18:22:12 2022, yuta, Update, LSC, Actuator calibration of MC2 using Yarm TF.pngMC2.png
    Reply  Thu Jul 14 00:10:08 2022, yuta, Summary, LSC, FPMI with REFL/AS55 trial continued AS55_I.pngAS55_Q.pngREFL55_I.pngREFL55_Q.png
    Reply  Mon Jul 18 17:07:12 2022, yuta, Update, LSC, x4.12 added to ETMX coil outputs to balance with ETMY 
    Reply  Tue Jul 19 16:00:34 2022, yuta, Configuration, BHD, Fast channels for BHD DCPDs now available in c1lsc but not in c1hpc Screenshot_2022-07-19_14-26-39_c1hpc.pngScreenshot_2022-07-19_14-24-49_c1lsc.pngScreenshot_2022-07-19_15-51-25_GreenGreen.png
Entry  Tue Jul 19 18:41:42 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, Contrast measurements for Michelson and ITM-LO ContrastMeasurements.pdf
    Reply  Fri Jul 22 17:46:10 2022, yuta, Configuration, BHD, c1sus2 watchdog update and DCPD ERR channels Screenshot_2022-07-22_17-48-25.png
    Reply  Wed Jul 27 18:30:50 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, LO beam power at BHD DCPDs is significantly lower than expected LOBeamAtBHD.JPGITMXSingleBounceAtBHD.jpg
    Reply  Wed Aug 3 16:00:51 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, BHD fringe aligned with reduced LO and AS beam clipping Screenshot_2022-08-03_15-46-36_BHDfringeAlmostUnclipped.png
    Reply  Tue Aug 9 15:33:12 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, BHD fringe contrast improved from 43% to 74% HPC-DCPD_B_OUT_1344118517_ITMY-LO.pngHPC-DCPD_A_OUT_1344118517_ITMY-LO.pngHPC-DCPD_B_OUT_1344118318_ITMX-LO.pngHPC-DCPD_A_OUT_1344118318_ITMX-LO.png
    Reply  Tue Aug 9 19:54:31 2022, yuta, Summary, LSC, FPMI locking tonight 
Entry  Wed Aug 17 07:35:48 2022, yuta, Bureaucracy, General, My wish list for IFO commissioning 
Entry  Thu Oct 20 14:13:42 2022, yuta, Summary, PSL, PMC and IMC sideband frequencies measured IMC.JPGPMC.JPG
    Reply  Fri Oct 21 16:15:10 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, LO phase locking with BH55 audio dither trials Screenshot_2022-10-21_15-33-18_LO_OLTF_LO1_BH55_Q.pngScreenshot_2022-10-21_15-42-50_LO_OLTF_LO1_BHDCDIFF.pngScreenshot_2022-10-21_15-44-53_MICH_OLTF.pngScreenshot_2022-10-21_15-50-43_LO_OLTF_LO1_BH55_Q_MICH.pngScreenshot_2022-10-21_16-11-16.png
    Reply  Mon Nov 14 17:45:02 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, BHD DC PD unwhitening and removing cables to c1lsc Screenshot_2022-11-15_13-08-17.png
    Reply  Tue Nov 15 19:00:56 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, MICH locked with balanced homodyne readout at some LO phase Screenshot_2022-11-15_18-34-25_MICHBHDLocked.pngScreenshot_2022-11-15_19-02-02_MICHLine.pngScreenshot_2022-11-15_18-38-20_BHDMICHOLTF.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 16 15:09:08 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, BHD fringe contrast measured with unwhitening filters ContrastMeasurements20221116_edited.pdf
    Reply  Wed Nov 16 18:41:17 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, Optical gain calibrations for BHD MICH Screenshot_2022-11-16_18-57-12.pngScreenshot_2022-11-16_18-49-53_BHDMICHCalLines.pngLSC-AS55_Q_ERR_DQ_1352689642.png
    Reply  Thu Nov 17 14:12:58 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, Optical gain calibrations for BHD MICH with lower UGF Screenshot_2022-11-17_14-39-17_MICHLOPHASEOLTF.pngScreenshot_2022-11-17_14-41-40_LowUGFConfiguration.png
    Reply  Thu Nov 17 20:02:10 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, MICH optical gain measurements with different LO phases UncalibratedMICHOpticalGainVSLOphase20221117.pngCalibratedMICHOpticalGainVSLOphase20221117.png
    Reply  Fri Nov 18 13:05:00 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, Gains adjusted for bandstop filters for BHD optics Screenshot_2022-11-18_13-16-31_AS1ViolinFilters.png
    Reply  Fri Nov 18 16:58:39 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, Actuator calibrations for MICH BHD 7x
    Reply  Fri Nov 18 22:46:02 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, MICH optical gain measurements with different LO phases, with signs UncalibratedMICHOpticalGainVSLOphase20221118.pngCalibratedMICHOpticalGainVSLOphase20221118.png
    Reply  Mon Nov 21 17:44:00 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, MICH BHD displacement sensitivity with AS55_Q and BHD_DIFF Screenshot_2022-11-21_17-33-20_OLTF.pngScreenshot_2022-11-21_17-45-25_MICHBHDDisplacement.png
    Reply  Mon Nov 21 18:43:46 2022, yuta, Update, BHD, c1hpc and c1lsc modified to send BHD_DIFF and BHD_SUM Screenshot_2022-11-21_18-42-49_BHD.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 23 20:58:23 2022, yuta, Summary, BHD, BHD_DIFF sensitivity to BS dither with MICH Offset with different BH55 demodulation phases BHDIFF_rand_SensvsMICHOffset_pydemod.pdfBHDIFF_rand_SensvsMICHOffset_pydemod_NoMICHinBH55Q.pdfBHDIFF_rand_SensvsMICHOffset_pydemod_BH55at70deg.pdfMICHBHD_BH55.pdf
Entry  Fri Sep 21 09:59:09 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, Y end table upgrade plan Pic_CurrentSetup_AUXYgreen.jpegModeMatchingSolution_Current.pdfModeMatchingSolution_Current_Magnified.pdfModeMatchingSolution_Optimized.pdfModeMatchingSolution_Optimized_Magnified.pdf
Entry  Sun Sep 23 17:38:48 2018, yuki, Update, ASC, Alignment of AUX Y end green beam was recovered 
    Reply  Sun Sep 23 19:32:23 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, Y end table upgrade plan Pic_NewSetup0923_AUXYgreen.jpegModeMatchingSolution_Result.pdfModeMatchingSolution_Magnified_0923.jpgpic0923_1.jpgpic0923_2.jpg
    Reply  Mon Sep 24 11:09:05 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, Y end table upgrade plan pic0924_1.jpg
    Reply  Tue Sep 25 18:08:50 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, Y end table upgrade plan 
    Reply  Thu Sep 27 14:02:55 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, PZT driver board verification PZTdriverSimulationDiagram.pdfPZTdriverSimulationResult.pdfPZTdriverPerformanceCheck_ResultOUT.pdfPZTdriverPerformanceCheck_ResultMON.pdfPZTdriver.asc
    Reply  Sun Sep 30 20:14:51 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, QPD calibration QPDcalibrationXaxis.pdfQPDcalibrationYaxis.pdf
    Reply  Mon Oct 1 13:33:55 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, QPD calibration Pic_QPDcalibration.jpg
    Reply  Tue Oct 2 18:50:53 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, PZT mirror calibration PZTM1calibrationCH2.pdfPZTM1calibrationCH1.pdfPZTM2calibrationCH2.pdfPZTM2calibrationCH1.pdf
    Reply  Wed Oct 3 14:24:40 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, Y end table upgrade plan 
    Reply  Wed Oct 3 18:15:34 2018, yuki, Configuration, ASC, AI board improvement TF_AIboard.pdf
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