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  17583   Thu May 4 17:14:15 2023 PacoSummaryLSCPRMI (MICH and PRCL) calibrated displacement and BS angle to MICH couplings[Mayank, Paco]

We calibrated PRCL
  17592   Mon May 15 18:34:05 2023 PacoSummaryLSCLocked PRMI in carrier and LO phase with BH44 and achieved handoff to BHDC_DIFF[Yuta, Paco]

We locked PRMI-BHD
  17599   Wed May 24 11:50:34 2023 JCSummarySEISTACIS [Mayank, JC]

  17602   Thu May 25 13:38:28 2023 advaitSummaryPEMExisting temperature control hardwareOver the past few days I have been trying
to understand the existing sensor and heater
related hardware by manual inspection and
  17604   Fri May 26 11:16:46 2023 AnchalSummaryPEMTemperature sensing circuit with AD590I wanted to mention here
that I have a printed circuit board design
  17625   Wed Jun 7 17:05:36 2023 yutaSummaryLSCRF FPMI recovered after c1sus DAC card replacement[Paco, Yuta]

  17645   Wed Jun 21 21:01:59 2023 KojiSummaryDAQNODUS: rsyncd daemon / service set upFollowed the instruction on this elog to
restart the rsync server daemon

  17650   Thu Jun 22 16:01:54 2023 ranaSummaryDAQNODUS: rsyncd daemon / service set upif systemctl was handling it, how come
it died? Or did someone kill it on purpose?
I wish we had a tool like Monit or Nagios
  17660   Tue Jun 27 19:19:17 2023 KojiSummaryGeneral5ft x 12 ft x 2ft optical table removal[Many]

The large optical table
(5ft x 12ft x 2ft, previously called SP table)
  17664   Thu Jun 29 01:52:26 2023 KojiSummaryGeneralIFO back in operation[Mayank, Hiroki, Koji]

Once we reached 1~2mtorr, we opened
the PSL shutter.
  17671   Fri Jul 7 17:29:16 2023 yutaSummaryASCIFO alignment is in a strange stateIFO
alignment is in a strange state.
BHD is not fringing, and misalignment
  17672   Fri Jul 7 20:09:53 2023 KojiSummaryASCIFO alignment is in a strange stateBefore any trial at the ETMX suspension,
ETMX coil driver "Run" mode (a
sort of dewhitened mode) is ON at the coil
  17673   Fri Jul 7 20:34:43 2023 HirokiSummaryBHDBHD alignment has been restored[Yuta, Hiroki]

alignment has been restored

  17675   Mon Jul 10 15:22:25 2023 yutaSummaryASCIFO alignment is in a strange state"gain_offset"
for ETMY coil outputs has been turned on

mentioned in elog #17671,
  17677   Tue Jul 11 08:00:16 2023 JCSummaryDaily ProgressPreparing a clean room. [Yuta, Yehonathan, JC]

We have moved a Smaller
  17679   Thu Jul 13 06:18:37 2023 HirokiSummaryCalibrationCalibrations of actuators and optical gain[Yuta, Hiroki]

  17711   Mon Jul 24 23:01:10 2023 KojiSummaryCDSFIXED: rossa can't bootCompared the network settings between some
of the machines.

It seemed that we can write network
  17727   Thu Jul 27 17:03:57 2023 KojiSummaryCDSc1psl spare channel situationI looked at the Acromag situation
of c1psl to prepare for the PSL air flow
speed sensor.
  17739   Tue Aug 1 02:51:46 2023 HirokiSummaryBHDMode-matching breadboard for BHD OMCsMode-matching
breadboard has been constructed

have constructed the mode-matching breadboard
  17742   Tue Aug 1 20:29:12 2023 HirokiSummaryGeneralADC/DAC Noise of Moku:GO [Reprinted elog from Ando Lab at University of Tokyo]This
post is reprinted from the elog of Ando
Lab at the University of Tokyo.
  17749   Wed Aug 2 17:56:25 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralADC/DAC Noise of Moku:GO [Reprinted elog from Ando Lab at University of Tokyo]Repeating ADC/DAC
noise measurements

I carried
  17754   Fri Aug 4 20:50:13 2023 KojiSummaryCDSThe location where the wiper script is runningThe raw frame file is stored in /frames
at fb. Before the disk space is flooded,
the wiper script deletes the old raw frame
  17774   Thu Aug 10 19:52:47 2023 yutaSummaryALSsimultaneous hold and release of the arm (aka two arm ALS)I just wanted to take the same time series
data I took back in 2012 (40m/6874).
ALS noise look much better than 2012,
  17789   Wed Aug 16 16:42:22 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralMoku Go/Pro delay measurementsI measured the Moku:Go and Moku:Pro delay
using a Agilent 4395A network analyzer. I
considered the PID controller (0 dB gain); the
  17793   Thu Aug 17 15:24:46 2023 JCSummaryDaily ProgressPreparing a clean room. [Yuta, Yehonathan, JC]

The Frame for The
  17803   Tue Aug 22 16:44:08 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralMoku Go/Pro delay measurementsHere are the results for Moku Go/Pro delay
measurements with the filter shapes removed
[Attachments 1, 2]. The PID
  17809   Thu Aug 24 13:10:17 2023 MurtazaSummarySUSETMX TestingKoji suggested going through the following
steps to check the ETMX suspension:

1. Do a free swing test to obtain
  17824   Tue Sep 5 04:48:20 2023 HirokiSummaryGeneralSummary of the late submitted entriesAfter I came back to Japan, I wrote and
revised some Elog entries that I was not
able to finish during my stay.
  17827   Tue Sep 5 18:46:08 2023 KojiSummaryGeneralDsub 9 (DB9) cable inventoryI went to Section Y7 to check the stock
DB9-MF cables. The custom dsub cables are
also there.
  17830   Thu Sep 7 14:09:37 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics TransitionThe vertex electronics transition work
will begin on Monday. We expect the ongoing
ASS-X work to be completed by then. But if
  17838   Tue Sep 12 18:55:55 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics TransitionWe are ready to do the transition
from Wed 1PM.

The items for the upgrade was collected
  17839   Tue Sep 12 23:10:06 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics TransitionNote on Sorensen:

- Eurocard crate requires
+-15V. We can place two 15V Sorensens on
  17840   Wed Sep 13 12:46:03 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ final prep
[OK] Reflected the sorensen
setup (minimal change from the conventional
config. (See the attachment)

  17841   Wed Sep 13 13:50:48 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ final prepOSEM values for 8 vertex optics ~before~
electronics upgrade (averaged over 60 s):

  17842   Wed Sep 13 14:02:29 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ final prep- 4x 1064nm NPROs
are OFF. The lab hall is laser safe, although
  17843   Wed Sep 13 17:26:26 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 1[Radhika, Paco, Murtaza, Koji]

- Removed all the units
that will not be used in the new setup.
  17844   Thu Sep 14 11:46:28 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 2[Radhika, Paco, Murtaza, Koji]

Morning work:

Power Strip assembly
  17845   Fri Sep 15 12:51:29 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 3[Radhika, Paco, Murtaza, Koji]

We made great
  17847   Fri Sep 15 22:57:15 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsc1sus ADC1 AA chassis fixc1sus ADC1 AA chassis fix.

Brought the chassis on
the workbench.
Opened the chassis
  17848   Mon Sep 18 10:26:12 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4[JC, Paco, Radhika, Koji]

Morning/Afternoon work:

Long DB cable installation
  17849   Mon Sep 18 18:38:02 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4[Koji, Paco, Radhika]

We recorded the 5 OSEM sensor readings
for each of the 8 upgraded optics.
  17852   Mon Sep 18 20:16:03 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4- Here is the thought how does the factor
of 9 come from:

We are driving OSEM LEDs
  17853   Mon Sep 18 23:09:40 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4MC1 is ready for the damping test

Trouble shooting plan

Is the LED on? => Check
  17854   Tue Sep 19 17:25:38 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 5MCs
OSEM input / coil output gain tuning

that MC1, MC2, MC3 OSEM readings looked reasonable
  17855   Tue Sep 19 19:21:10 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 5[Koji, Radhika]

Update to the Foton/Load
  17856   Tue Sep 19 19:48:20 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Trouble shooting[Paco, Murtaza, JC, Koji, Radhika]

MC1/MC2 was working fine.

  17857   Tue Sep 19 20:49:08 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Trouble shooting[Murtaza, Koji]

ITMX / BS / PRM sat amps were removed
from the rack and checked on the workbench.
  17858   Tue Sep 19 23:40:33 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Wed PlanPlan
for Sept 20, 2023

For morning people:
  17859   Wed Sep 20 00:03:22 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsre: Filter Coefficient Loading IssueI asked CDS mattermost for help. Chris
(Wipf) checked it and reported it is working
fine as usual (without fixing anything).
  17860   Wed Sep 20 00:20:09 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics ~ change in the actuator calibrationI found the actuator calibration is more
complicated. The numbers I reported in the
previous elog was not correct.
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