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  7290   Mon Aug 27 23:52:59 2012 JenneUpdateIOOMC Spots centeredFinally!
Jamie and I have the MC spots centered. 
We did the normal move the input beam, realign
  7292   Tue Aug 28 00:23:54 2012 JenneUpdatePSLPMC alignment going badPMC transmission started going down this
afternoon, around 3pm-ish.  Right now
it's 0.775, which is very, very low. 
  7298   Tue Aug 28 17:43:04 2012 JenneUpdatePSLPower reduced!


  7299   Tue Aug 28 17:51:39 2012 JenneUpdatePSLPBS and Half Wave plates introduced


  7300   Tue Aug 28 17:59:03 2012 JenneUpdateVACVENT: GO!I have turned of the high voltage supplies
for PZT1 and PZT2.  The OMC PZT high
voltage supplies were already off, since
  7313   Wed Aug 29 21:02:45 2012 JenneUpdateIOOOptics between Faraday and PRM are centered, realigned[Jenne, Suresh, with support from Jamie
and Koji]
MC spots measured, MC1, MC3 no change.
  7321   Thu Aug 30 19:08:08 2012 JenneUpdateVACDogs on BS, ITM chambers checkedI tightened as many of the dog clamps on
the bottom of the BS, ITMX and ITMY chambers
as I could find.  I used a torque wrench
  7322   Thu Aug 30 20:20:52 2012 JenneUpdateSUSWatek camera placed on SE viewport of ITMX to look at PRM[EricQ, Jenne]
We placed the Watek camera on the
SE viewport of the ITMX chamber, and focused
  7323   Thu Aug 30 20:31:35 2012 JenneUpdateIOOPZT1 and PZT2 set to center of their ranges[Koji, Jenne]
Jamie and Koji pointed out that we
need to be doing the in-vac alignment with
  7334   Tue Sep 4 11:32:58 2012 JenneUpdateLockingFriday in-vac workElog re: Friday's work
Adjusted PZT2 so we're hitting the
center of PR2. 
  7335   Tue Sep 4 13:31:55 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralThe PlanWe need a plan for the rest of the week. 
I want to be closing the heavy doors on Friday
at the latest.  Please add to / comment
  7338   Tue Sep 4 20:03:38 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralin-vac progressOpened ETMY, beam was high and to the right
(if you look at the face of ETMY). 
Tried walking beam up, since just doing PZT2
  7339   Tue Sep 4 20:06:04 2012 JenneUpdateLockingMC scan input switched to the 11MHz port of EOMSince the EOM's signal combiner (splitter
backwards) is frequency-independent, Koji
and Jamie (in the proper turn off, turn on
  7340   Tue Sep 4 20:13:46 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralThe Plan - Tues evening version Tues
* Hit center of ETMY, using input
optics, PR3.
  7346   Wed Sep 5 19:29:45 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralYarm aligned to IR incident beam[EricQ, Jenne, brains of other people]
Checked at ETMY that the pointing
hadn't changed a whole lot.  Jamie and
  7348   Thu Sep 6 10:57:27 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralForgot to turn green refl pd back on


  7349   Thu Sep 6 13:07:02 2012 JenneUpdateIOOIPANG no longer a reference :(I was having trouble centering IPANG using
the PZTs, and I suspected something funny
was going on at the end.  I went down
  7350   Thu Sep 6 16:46:44 2012 JenneUpdateSUSBS aligned, target removedQ and I aligned the BS such that we were
hitting the center of ETMX. The ETMX cage
does not have OSEM setscrew holes on the
  7353   Thu Sep 6 18:49:30 2012 JenneUpdateRF SystemAS 55 may be brokenI was going to lock MICH, but I don't see
anything on dataviewer for either AS55Q or
ASDC.  I went out onto the table, and
  7355   Thu Sep 6 19:36:19 2012 JenneUpdateRF SystemAS 55 is fine


  7357   Fri Sep 7 01:25:53 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralPRC, SRC flashing[Koji, Jenne]
* Found that IPANG was no longer
centered, so we used PZT2's sliders to get
  7365   Fri Sep 7 17:34:53 2012 JenneUpdateComputersSensoray Video Capture


  7366   Fri Sep 7 17:37:16 2012 JenneUpdate cavitymode scan


  7367   Sat Sep 8 00:04:53 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralBeam scan measurement plan - to do Monday morning.[MikeJ, Jenne]
We have a plan for how we're going
to measure the beam after PR3.  Mike
  7379   Thu Sep 13 17:19:45 2012 JenneUpdateSUSMirrors being installed on active TTsI have given Den 4 G&H R>99.99%
mirrors to be installed on the 4 active tip
tilts.  He's in there working on things
  7381   Thu Sep 13 23:27:14 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralPre-close checklistWe need
to do the following things:  Images
of optics in DRMI chain, place black glass
  7383   Fri Sep 14 00:56:13 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralDRMI aligned[Rana, Jenne]
aligned the DRMI, and have concluded that
  7387   Fri Sep 14 12:51:43 2012 JenneUpdateSUSNeed risers for active TTsI was helping Den get started in the cleanroom
yesterday, and I noticed that the new active
TTs, like the old passive ones, are set to
  7390   Fri Sep 14 18:18:33 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralIn Vac Pictures


  7391   Fri Sep 14 18:28:25 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralIn Vac PicturesAll the photos so far:
  7393   Sat Sep 15 18:29:25 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralMore photos taken{EricQ, Jenne]
More photos were taken.  Will
post Monday, because too hungry now.
  7397   Mon Sep 17 13:39:32 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralMore photos taken


  7399   Mon Sep 17 20:23:31 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralLast of In-vac mirror photos taken[Manasa, Jenne]
We took the last of the in-vac photos
of mirrors today.  I'll post in the
  7401   Tue Sep 18 11:53:12 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralLast of In-vac mirror photos taken


  7402   Tue Sep 18 18:24:50 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralScattering in BS chamber or ITMX chamberI have touched PZT2 such that the beam
goes through the 45 degree non-iris target
on the beam splitter.  This puts the
  7405   Wed Sep 19 01:08:48 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralDRMI aligned againThe DRMI was aligned once again tonight. 
Here's a video: http://youtu.be/Cy8nHL9yMeM 
(Can someone please tell me / remind me how
  7406   Wed Sep 19 01:15:15 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralLast of In-vac mirror photos taken - NOT!I'm making a separate entry to go along
with this thread of photos...
Putting the camera and 'bathroom'
  7410   Wed Sep 19 13:12:48 2012 JenneUpdateIOOPower into vacuum increased to 75mWThe power buildup in the MC is ~400, so
100mW of incident power would give about
40W circulating in the mode cleaner.
  7413   Wed Sep 19 19:38:37 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralSpot centered on BS, ETMY, ETMX[Unni, Manasa, Jenne]
It turned out that the beam was a
teeny bit high in the corner, so we touched
  7415   Thu Sep 20 01:28:14 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralDRMI aligned again, but with good arms[Jenne, Manasa]
Using the alignment of the PZTs and
BS from pre-dinner, where the beam was hitting
  7420   Thu Sep 20 14:55:06 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralPickoffs are hard to see


  7421   Thu Sep 20 17:05:26 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralREFL, IPANG are coming out of the vac[Jenne, Unni, Manasa]
I touched some in-vac steering mirrors,
so we have REFL and IPANG coming out of the
  7422   Thu Sep 20 19:56:05 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralPickoffs are hard to see


  7423   Thu Sep 20 20:07:38 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralREFL, IPANG are coming out of the vac


  7426   Fri Sep 21 20:48:24 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralPOP in-vac optics aligned, POY beam coming out of vacGetting POP:
We put a green laser pointer at ~4
inches on the POX table, and steered it using
  7432   Mon Sep 24 16:59:31 2012 JenneUpdateVACDoors on, ready to pump[The 40m Family]
The access connector and all heavy
doors are back on. 
  7433   Mon Sep 24 17:03:39 2012 JenneUpdatePEM1X1 rack power


  7437   Tue Sep 25 14:29:07 2012 JenneUpdateGeneralPOP in-vac optics aligned, POY beam coming out of vac


  7439   Tue Sep 25 22:40:55 2012 JenneUpdateIOOIPANG ND filter installed[Jenne, Evan Hall]
Both IPPOS and IPANG beams are (after
turning on the input and output PZTs) hitting
  7440   Wed Sep 26 01:10:34 2012 JenneUpdateIOOPZT2 not working?!?! MC back to normal[Jenne, Evan, Den]
MC REFL beam is back on the PD,
and the mode cleaner locks.  It
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