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  17377   Sat Dec 31 20:00:03 2022 ranaSummaryCalibrationETMY actuation strength cal with 5 lines
how much frequency dependent variation
in the transfer function do we expect? Are
there resonances in the mechanical suspension
  17376   Sat Dec 31 19:27:32 2022 PacoSummaryCalibrationETMY actuation strength cal with 5 linesCalibrated ETMY actuation strength using
ALS. Attachment #1 shows
the result, in close agreement with this
  17375   Fri Dec 30 12:53:47 2022 KojiUpdateGeneral40m avoided the power outageReceived the campus power outage this (Dec
30, 2022) morning.
- ELOG is still up
  17374   Fri Dec 30 11:38:45 2022 PacoSummaryCalibrationALS Calibration errors -- single arm actuationHere are my thoughts on calibration errors.
This applies to the single arm actuation
calibration, but may easily be extended to
  17373   Wed Dec 28 19:50:06 2022 PacoUpdateCDSAnother CDS crash -- restored by model restartStopped by lab today. Found all suspensions
undamped (even though watchdogs never tripped),
same symptom as CDS crash from earlier this
  17372   Thu Dec 22 15:52:48 2022 KojiSummaryDetCharSummary on the summary pages[Tega Koji]

Last week, Tega gave me
a brief introduction to the configuration
  17371   Wed Dec 21 12:38:32 2022 ChrisUpdateOptimal ControlIMC alignment controller testingThree additional mode cleaner alignment
controllers were tested Sunday night (remotely).
They were run in tandem with the (recently
  17370   Wed Dec 21 12:35:49 2022 ChrisConfigurationCDSTiming trigger testWhile recovering from the power outage,
I took the opportunity to try having the
timing system trigger on the rising edge
  17369   Wed Dec 21 12:18:44 2022 PacoSummaryLSCFPMI locked, but FPMI BHD not locked[Yuta, Paco]

We tried restoring the FPMI BHD
readout from yesterday but 
  17368   Tue Dec 20 23:32:58 2022 ranaUpdateASCWFS demodulation board modification - further studyThat's great - I think this solution
will be best. Having the PLLs actually gives
us some problems - the square wave action
  17367   Tue Dec 20 18:27:14 2022 AnchalSummaryLSCFPMI locked, DARM calibration data taken, FPMI BHD locked![Anchal, Paco, Yuta]

  17366   Tue Dec 20 09:20:18 2022 PacoSummaryLSCFPMI locked and cal [Anchal, Yuta, Paco]

Late elog (from yesterday) -- We
locked FPMI, YAUX, and turned on calibration
  17365   Sat Dec 17 16:56:19 2022 AnchalUpdateASCWFS demodulation board modification - further studyI played with the PLL bit more today to
understand the issue. From what I understand,
the following is the summary:
  17364   Fri Dec 16 22:06:55 2022 AnchalUpdateSUSLow noise stateI've turned off HEPA fan and all lights

PST: 2022-12-16 22:06:53.830911
  17363   Fri Dec 16 21:55:54 2022 AnchalUpdateASCWFS demodulation board modification attempt 2 - sort of working[Koji, Anchal]

short version: We checked signals
at different points in the circuit to make
  17362   Fri Dec 16 18:48:49 2022 yutaSummaryGeneralIFO alignment after power loss[Paco, Yuta]

We have recovered the IFO alignment
  17361   Fri Dec 16 14:52:42 2022 PacoSummarySUSMC1 and MC3 coil dewhitening filters added, location correctedI corrected the filter module location
for 28 Hz ELP filter on MC1 and MC3 coil
output filter banks to FM8 (from FM9). FM9
  17360   Thu Dec 15 08:37:52 2022 JCUpdateDaily ProgressIMC MisalignmentPMC seems to have gotten very misaligned
over the last 12 hours. I'm going in
to align now.
  17359   Wed Dec 14 17:01:39 2022 PacoSummaryLSCFPMI in the post-cds upgrade era[Paco, Anchal, Koji]

A possible long-hidden
bug of MC2 dewhitening switching was found
  17358   Wed Dec 14 12:37:20 2022 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debuggingOn Monday I aimed to measure the transfer function
of the x-arm AUX PDH loop while momentarily
  17357   Tue Dec 13 23:49:17 2022 AnchalUpdateSUSLow noise stateI've turned off HEPA fan and all lights

PST: 2022-12-13 23:49:12.955214
  17356   Fri Dec 9 23:44:14 2022 ranaSummaryASCMC WFS sensing matrix measurementwith the new output matrix, we repeated
the diagonalization script that Anchal ran
previously. In the attached plot you can
  17355   Fri Dec 9 21:54:40 2022 RadhikaUpdateASCMoku digital filter for low-frequency resonances (ALS/calibration)[Radhika, Paco]

I modeled a digital filter for
adding a resonance at a desired frequency
  17354   Fri Dec 9 18:32:11 2022 KojiSummaryASCMC WFS sensing matrix measurement[Rana, Koji]

The IMC WFS pitch Output
Matrix was recalculated based on a DC Sensing
  17353   Fri Dec 9 17:42:04 2022 KojiUpdateCDSNew donatella issues
MEDM video switches didn't
work - "sh: 1: /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/general/videoscripts/videoswitch3:
not found"

This was
  17352   Fri Dec 9 14:18:43 2022 AnchalSummarySUSIMC optics angular actuation calibration at DCAlso reply to: 40m/16125

I migrated the code used
in 40m/16125
  17351   Fri Dec 9 13:18:57 2022 yutaSummaryBHDMICH BHD optical gain measurements at different LO phases, elliptic fit[Yehonathan, Yuta]

Here's a plot using same dataset
  17350   Fri Dec 9 10:08:54 2022 RadhikaUpdateASCYEND green alignment chroniclesToday I set out to align and lock the
YEND green laser, and observe the expected
PDH error signal and PZT control signal. 
  17349   Fri Dec 9 05:04:45 2022 ranaSummaryASCMC WFS sensing matrix measurementI made a script to toggle the offsets in
the MC SUS so that we can see the resulting
error signals in the MC WFS / MC-TRANS_QPD.
  17348   Thu Dec 8 20:40:14 2022 AnchalUpdateASCWFS demodulation board modification attemptBased on the previous two elog posts, Koji
and I decided that we should use 11 MHz signal
for arm cavity ASC and modify a spare WFS
  17347   Thu Dec 8 17:52:39 2022 yutaSummaryBHDMICH BHD optical gain measurements at different LO phases, RF+audio dither[Yehonathan, Yuta]

Sensing matrix measurements at
different LO phases were performed under
  17346   Thu Dec 8 16:21:40 2022 PacoSummaryCalibrationITMY actuation strength cal with 5 lines[Anchal, Paco]

After debugging the hardware, on
gpstime 1354422834 we turned
  17345   Wed Dec 7 16:21:05 2022 yutaSummaryBHDImproved MICH BHD alignment[Yehonathan, Yuta]

We found that moving AS1 in yaw improves
  17344   Tue Dec 6 17:40:13 2022 KojiUpdateASCIMC WFS heads electronic feasibility test for using for Arm ASCWe have spare WFS demods in a plastic box
along the Y arm. So you don't need to
modify the IMC demod boards, which we want
  17343   Tue Dec 6 17:12:23 2022 yehonathanSummaryBHDLO phase control using audio (MICH and AS1) + RF{Yuta, Yehonathan}

Today we lock LO phase using audio+RF
method in two variants: AS1+RF and MICH(BS)+RF.
  17342   Tue Dec 6 16:52:26 2022 AnchalUpdateASCIMC WFS heads electronic feasibility test for using for Arm ASCI tested teh WFS demod board for possibility
of demodulating 11 MHz or 55 MHz signal with
it. It definitely has some bandpass filter
  17341   Tue Dec 6 15:59:46 2022 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debugging[Radhika, Paco]

Paco suggested that alignment could
still be the primary reason why the XEND
  17340   Tue Dec 6 15:29:35 2022 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debugging[Radhika, JC]

We retook transfer function measurements
of the XEND PDH servo box, this time setting
  17339   Tue Dec 6 13:09:44 2022 yutaUpdateBHDc1cal model updates to support sensing matrix for BHD[Anchal, Yuta]

We have modified c1cal model to support
  17338   Tue Dec 6 09:39:22 2022 yehonathanUpdateCDSAnother CDS crashAround 9:30 we noticed IMC going out of
lock with MC1 swinging hard. It seems like
the coil output shut down.
  17337   Mon Dec 5 20:02:06 2022 AnchalUpdateASCIMC WFS heads electronic feasibility test for using for Arm ASCI took transfer function measurement of
WFS2 SEG4 photodiode between 1 MHz to 100
MHz in a linear sweep.
  17336   Mon Dec 5 16:24:45 2022 AnchalUpdateASCIMC WFS servo diagnosis Also reply to: 40m/17255

I ran the toggleWFSoffsets.py
script to generate a step response of the
  17335   Mon Dec 5 12:05:29 2022 AnchalUpdateCDSc1sus2 all FE models crashed spontaneouslyJust a few minutes ago, all models on FE
c1sus2 crashed. I'm attaching some important
files that can be helpful in investigating
  17334   Sun Dec 4 16:44:04 2022 AnchalUpdateASCIMC WFS Fixed for nowToday, I worked on WFS loop output matrix
for PIT DOFs.

I began with the matrix
  17333   Sun Dec 4 10:03:02 2022 ChrisUpdateOptimal ControlIMC alignment controller testingAnother five
mode cleaner alignment controllers were tested
last night (remotely), running in tandem
  17332   Sat Dec 3 17:42:25 2022 AnchalUpdateASCIMC WFS Fixed for nowToday I did a lot of steps to eventually
reach to WFS locking stably for long times
and improving and keeping the IMC transmission
  17331   Sat Dec 3 10:13:56 2022 AnchalUpdateSUSLow noise stateI've turned off HEPA fan and all lights

PST: 2022-12-03 10:13:03.184705
  17330   Fri Dec 2 15:59:55 2022 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debuggingI took a transfer function measurement
of the XEND PDH servo box, from servo input
to piezo output [Attachment 1]. The servo
  17329   Thu Dec 1 20:43:25 2022 AnchalSummaryCalibrationSingle arm cal with 5 lines[Anchal, Paco]

We are doing this attempt again
in following configuration:
  17328   Wed Nov 30 20:01:08 2022 ranaSummaryCalibrationSingle arm cal with 5 linesI don't think you need to record the
excitations. They are just sine waves. The
amplitude you can read off from the OSC screen.
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