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  17412   Mon Jan 23 20:50:58 2023 AnchalUpdateASCAS WFS path beam profiledI measured the expected beam profile by
WFS photodiodes by measuring the beam when
mode cleaner was unlocked from the point
  17411   Mon Jan 23 16:31:23 2023 ranaUpdateALSDFD and Phase tracker AM couplingBoth the TF measurement and the noise measurements
are useful, but the nosie measurement is
much more meaningful. Since we expect the
  17410   Mon Jan 23 11:20:44 2023 JCSummaryBHDBH44 RFPD optical path and LO/AS cameraHere's the beam path of BH44.  BH44.jpg 
  17409   Sat Jan 21 18:01:06 2023 AnchalUpdateALSDFD and Phase tracker AM couplingI took transfer function measurement
of DFD AM coupling using noise excitation.

Noise excitation
  17408   Sat Jan 21 15:32:40 2023 AnchalUpdateASCAS WFS path nominally setI've completed the beam redirection
path for AS beam to WFS heads in a nominal
way. By that I mean that all mirrors (M1,
  17407   Fri Jan 20 20:13:20 2023 AnchalUpdateASCInstalled 2 flipper mirrors for handingl MC reflection beam to cameraAfter discussions with Yuta, I figured
that a better optical layout is possible
which does not interfere with the existing
  17406   Thu Jan 19 20:35:54 2023 AnchalUpdateASCInstalled 2 flipper mirrors for handingl MC reflection beam to cameraToday I installed two flipper mirrors M3
and M4 (see attached photo) to create alternate
route for MC reflection camera beam. Both
  17405   Thu Jan 19 18:15:48 2023 yutaSummaryBHDBH44 RFPD optical path and LO/AS camera[JC, Paco, Anchal, Yuta]

- We installed the new BH44 beam path
  17404   Thu Jan 19 14:58:40 2023 ranaSummaryBHDIQ demod orthogonalthe
problems with these circle plots:
  17403   Thu Jan 19 12:12:09 2023 AnchalSummaryBHDIQ demod orthogonalBy sending two frequencies offset from
eachother to LO input and RF input, we measured
the remaining phase difference between I
  17402   Wed Jan 18 20:57:53 2023 PacoSummaryBHDIQ demod orthogonalI tested a spare IQ demod board labeled
33.3 MHz (closer to 44 MHz than the 165 MHz
we had started using) and using the Moku
  17401   Tue Jan 17 20:03:19 2023 yutaSummaryBHDBH44 installations: IQ demodulator is not orthogonal[Anchal, Paco, JC, Yuta]

We have started hardware installations
  17400   Fri Jan 13 18:54:59 2023 yutaSummaryLSCInvestigations of LO phase locking in FPMI BHD[Paco, Yuta]

After several hours of unattended
  17399   Fri Jan 13 14:20:34 2023 yutaSummaryLSCCalibration friendly FPMI BHD[Paco, Yuta]

Gains in DARM are corrected to make
  17398   Fri Jan 13 13:34:12 2023 AnchalSummaryBHDBH44 tuned and transimpedance measuredI've tuned one gold box RFPD to be
resonant at 44.26 MHz and I left the notch
to be near 66 MHz, however, it is only effective
  17397   Thu Jan 12 18:51:17 2023 PacoUpdateALSDFD and Phase tracker AM coupling[Anchal, Paco]

We measured DFD AM coupling; it
seems to be minimum at higher RF input and
  17396   Thu Jan 12 15:31:27 2023 RadhikaUpdateALSXARM green laser lock debugging[Radhika, Anchal, Paco]

PDH Loop Stability
  17395   Thu Jan 12 12:00:09 2023 PacoSummaryLSCFPMI BHD sensitivity curve with higher resolution upto 6.9 kHzHere's the same sensitivity plot from
yesterday (40m/17392),
but with higher frequency resolution, upto
  17394   Thu Jan 12 10:06:10 2023 PacoUpdateALSDFD discriminant calibration[Paco, Anchal] Log from yesterday
work around 1Y2 rack; note that while this
work was ongoing, TT2 position drifted slowly
  17393   Wed Jan 11 17:05:55 2023 AnchalUpdateASCWFS demodulation board 112B - Working as expectedThe other modified board 112B has been
fixed and tested now. See the results attached.
The issue was in some malfunctioning OP284
  17392   Wed Jan 11 16:56:57 2023 yutaSummaryLSCFPMI BHD recovered, LO phase noise not limiting the sensitivity[Paco, Yuta]

We recovered FPMI BHD, and sensitivity
  17391   Tue Jan 10 20:24:29 2023 AnchalUpdateASCWFS demodulation board 111B - Working as expectedI've completed the modifications on
two WFS demod boards. This required replacing
all 8 mixer ICs on each board. I also tuned
  17390   Tue Jan 10 16:06:58 2023 yutaSummaryPSLPMC transmission dropped to 0.68[JC, Paco, Yuta]

It seems like PMC transmission
(C1:PSL-PMC_PMCTRANSPD) dropped to ~0.68
  17389   Tue Jan 10 15:07:33 2023 JCUpdateGeneralClean Large Optical TableI have been working on cleaning the large
optical table next to the PSL table. I have
placed the known optics along in the optical
  17388   Mon Jan 9 19:41:01 2023 AnchalUpdateSUSNull stream (butterfly/pringle) row added and DQedI updated the suspension model (/cvs/cds/rtcds/userapps/trunk/sus/c1/models/lib/sus_single_control_new.dml)
to add a 5th row in the input matrix so that
we can put in the calculated NULL stream
  17387   Thu Jan 5 14:30:32 2023 PacoHowToDAQnds2 server restartAfter being unable to fetch data offsite
using the nds40 server, I found enlightment
  17386   Wed Jan 4 17:15:41 2023 KojiConfigurationCDSunknown dhcp request to fb1The dhcpd error on the log file stopped
when the yellow (DAQ) ethernet cable was
removed. With Chris's permission I left
  17385   Wed Jan 4 15:10:19 2023 KojiConfigurationCDSunknown dhcp request to fb1Jamie reported that:

The logs (/var/log/daemon.log)
on fb1 are filling with this line:
  17384   Wed Jan 4 12:12:57 2023 PacoSummaryCalibrationALS calibration error from DFD[Paco, Anchal]

One of the crucial and currently
limiting calibration errors is in the ALS
  17383   Wed Jan 4 08:52:11 2023 JCUpdateOPLEV TablesETMX laser has diedKoji mentioned to me that this laser has
a degraded output. I removed this replacement
laser and put in a new laser from the Y Arm
  17382   Tue Jan 3 17:41:55 2023 KojiUpdateCDSChiara local backupChris modified the fstab so that the disk
is automatically mounted. The key was that
these two disks have an identical UUID and
  17381   Tue Jan 3 16:11:05 2023 KojiUpdateCDSChiara local backupI checked how the local backup of our /cvs/cds
is done. The last backup was taken on 2022-12-15
and it kept failing since 2022-12-16.
  17380   Tue Jan 3 15:28:12 2023 JCUpdateOPLEV TablesETMX laser has diedSeems that the ETMX laser died over the
break and took an extended vacation. I swapped
the laser out with one Koji would use to
  17379   Tue Jan 3 12:10:46 2023 JamieUpdateCDSYearly DAQD fix 2023, did not work :(This
whole procedure is no longer needed after
the CDS upgrade.  We don't do things
  17378   Tue Jan 3 11:32:32 2023 AnchalUpdateCDSYearly DAQD fix 2023, did not work :(Every year some changes need to be done
manually in a driver c code file for daqd
to work. The gpstime offset needs to be changed
  17377   Sat Dec 31 20:00:03 2022 ranaSummaryCalibrationETMY actuation strength cal with 5 lines
how much frequency dependent variation
in the transfer function do we expect? Are
there resonances in the mechanical suspension
  17376   Sat Dec 31 19:27:32 2022 PacoSummaryCalibrationETMY actuation strength cal with 5 linesCalibrated ETMY actuation strength using
ALS. Attachment #1 shows
the result, in close agreement with this
  17375   Fri Dec 30 12:53:47 2022 KojiUpdateGeneral40m avoided the power outageReceived the campus power outage this (Dec
30, 2022) morning.
- ELOG is still up
  17374   Fri Dec 30 11:38:45 2022 PacoSummaryCalibrationALS Calibration errors -- single arm actuationHere are my thoughts on calibration errors.
This applies to the single arm actuation
calibration, but may easily be extended to
  17373   Wed Dec 28 19:50:06 2022 PacoUpdateCDSAnother CDS crash -- restored by model restartStopped by lab today. Found all suspensions
undamped (even though watchdogs never tripped),
same symptom as CDS crash from earlier this
  17372   Thu Dec 22 15:52:48 2022 KojiSummaryDetCharSummary on the summary pages[Tega Koji]

Last week, Tega gave me
a brief introduction to the configuration
  17371   Wed Dec 21 12:38:32 2022 ChrisUpdateOptimal ControlIMC alignment controller testingThree additional mode cleaner alignment
controllers were tested Sunday night (remotely).
They were run in tandem with the (recently
  17370   Wed Dec 21 12:35:49 2022 ChrisConfigurationCDSTiming trigger testWhile recovering from the power outage,
I took the opportunity to try having the
timing system trigger on the rising edge
  17369   Wed Dec 21 12:18:44 2022 PacoSummaryLSCFPMI locked, but FPMI BHD not locked[Yuta, Paco]

We tried restoring the FPMI BHD
readout from yesterday but 
  17368   Tue Dec 20 23:32:58 2022 ranaUpdateASCWFS demodulation board modification - further studyThat's great - I think this solution
will be best. Having the PLLs actually gives
us some problems - the square wave action
  17367   Tue Dec 20 18:27:14 2022 AnchalSummaryLSCFPMI locked, DARM calibration data taken, FPMI BHD locked![Anchal, Paco, Yuta]

  17366   Tue Dec 20 09:20:18 2022 PacoSummaryLSCFPMI locked and cal [Anchal, Yuta, Paco]

Late elog (from yesterday) -- We
locked FPMI, YAUX, and turned on calibration
  17365   Sat Dec 17 16:56:19 2022 AnchalUpdateASCWFS demodulation board modification - further studyI played with the PLL bit more today to
understand the issue. From what I understand,
the following is the summary:
  17364   Fri Dec 16 22:06:55 2022 AnchalUpdateSUSLow noise stateI've turned off HEPA fan and all lights

PST: 2022-12-16 22:06:53.830911
  17363   Fri Dec 16 21:55:54 2022 AnchalUpdateASCWFS demodulation board modification attempt 2 - sort of working[Koji, Anchal]

short version: We checked signals
at different points in the circuit to make
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