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  17902   Mon Oct 16 20:50:32 2023 PacoUpdateIOOsome IMC WFS tweaks: update - MC_TRANS +80dB FM5 back onSince the MC_TRANS_PIT and MC_TRANS_YAW
control signals were still small even though
the sum was ok, I found the C1:IOO-MC_TRANS_PIT/YAW
  17901   Mon Oct 16 19:37:12 2023 yutaUpdateLSCPRMI 1f carrier locking recovered, but not so stablePRMI
1f carrier locking using AS55_Q and REFL55_I
was recovered, but
  17900   Mon Oct 16 08:28:27 2023 JCUpdateVACN2 tripped and Vac lockedThe last N2 tank ran out this morning ~3:00am.
Since then the Vac system tripped and the
shutter closed. I had to head over to the
  17899   Fri Oct 13 08:42:14 2023 murtazaUpdateSUSOPLEV Whitening Board Missing (ETMX)[Yuta, Paco, Murtaza]


Chasing the excess noise in TRX,
  17898   Thu Oct 12 18:47:52 2023 yutaUpdateLSCALS DARM CARM locking successfulALS
DARM and CARM locked.
The procedure basically follows what
  17897   Wed Oct 11 22:57:11 2023 PacoUpdateALSOn the residual frequency dependence of the ALS DARM calibration with FPMI[Paco, Yuta]

Attachment #1 shows
tonights OOL ALS noises with the PSL hepa
  17896   Wed Oct 11 21:23:49 2023 yutaUpdateLSCFPMI locking restored after vertex coil driver upgrade[Murtaza, Vittoria, Paco, Yuta]

restored FPMI RF locking for the first time
  17895   Tue Oct 10 17:43:39 2023 MurtazaHowToComputer Scripts / Programsligocdsws - XQuartz Troubleshootligocdsws
is a docker with all the good stuff (cdutils,
  17894   Tue Oct 10 17:15:54 2023 MurtazaUpdateSUSPost-Vertex Coil Driver Upgrade Suspension CalibrationPost the vertex coil driver upgrade, we
need to make sure everything downstream is
working correctly. Starting with checking
  17893   Tue Oct 10 16:04:15 2023 ranaUpdateIOOsome IMC WFS tweaks: update - WFS still look OK   WFS-Controls.pdf 
  17892   Tue Oct 10 14:10:11 2023 PacoConfigurationLSCETMY actuation calibration using ALSY[Vittoria, Paco]

This work was done yesterday ~
8 PM. After we aligned YARM and locked using
  17891   Mon Oct 9 15:17:05 2023 ranaUpdateIOOsome IMC WFS tweaks
with WFS off, I use MC_ALIGN screen
to get erasonable power and better cenetering
on mc2 QPD
With good alignment,
  17890   Mon Oct 9 14:10:50 2023 rana, pacoUpdateIOOIFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)since the IMC alignement / rework from
Sep 26, the IMC WFS has not been working.
The outputs seem to be railing after a long
  17889   Sat Oct 7 21:39:29 2023 PacoSummaryCalibrationFSR measurement setupI've been meaning to attempt this
method to measure the arm cavity length
with negligible systematic error for calibration.
  17888   Fri Oct 6 13:51:15 2023 JCUpdateBHDPosts used for the BHD OFINot a fanatic of the   Screenshot_2023-10-06_153204.png 
  17887   Thu Oct 5 23:32:47 2023 KojiUpdateBHDPosts used for the BHD OFIThe BHD OFI path consists of a few optical
components: (Attachment 1)

HWP ROtator
  17886   Thu Oct 5 13:29:58 2023 yutaUpdateSUSActuator calibrations after vertex coil driver upgradeWe calibrated actuators for
the first time after the vertex coil driver
  17885   Wed Oct 4 19:33:23 2023 KojiUpdateBHDThe optical fiber for the BHD/OMC assembly long enoughThe optical fiber that Hiroki set up turned
out that long enough for the use in the new
HEPA optical bench. (Attachment 1)
  17884   Wed Oct 4 17:28:48 2023 KojiSummaryBHDBalance Mass LayoutI went to the Solidworks model of the ITMY
invac table and checked where the center
of mass is.
  17883   Wed Oct 4 10:36:03 2023 MurtazaUpdateSUSSmall Optic Suspension Simulation
The triple suspensions (mode cleaners:
PRM, SRM) at the Livingston site have measured
  17882   Mon Oct 2 17:17:46 2023 PacoSummaryDAQYEND and XEND acromagI pulled out the YEND acromag chassis to
check how a connection is made. I unplugged
it and then opened it without removing any
  17881   Mon Oct 2 15:05:33 2023 VittoriaSummaryPSLPMC Alignment[Rana, Vittoria]

At 3 pm, we did some PMC alignment,
and the transmission value went from 665
  Draft   Thu Sep 28 16:45:54 2023 MurtazaUpdate IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)[Rana, Radhika, Murtaza]

WFS Loop Debugging

  17879   Thu Sep 28 12:43:02 2023 RadhikaUpdate IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)While aligning today I realized the cavAlign
step sizes and step factors had not been
updated after the upgrade.
  17878   Thu Sep 28 11:30:13 2023 yutaUpdateSUSChecking suspension damping loop polarity conventions To further homogenize the suspensions,
we did the following changes.

 - Turned on DECIMATION in
  17877   Thu Sep 28 11:27:24 2023 RadhikaUpdateSUSPRM/SRM damping/alignmentPRM/SRM OSEM input

- I realized
  17876   Wed Sep 27 21:11:36 2023 yutaUpdateSUSChecking suspension damping loop polarity conventions [Paco, Yuta]

We checked the polarity of suspension
  17875   Wed Sep 27 14:01:11 2023 yutaUpdateSUSWhitening/dewhitening check at Yend[Paco, Yuta]

 We checked whitening and dewhitening
  17874   Tue Sep 26 14:07:00 2023 MurtazaUpdate IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)[Paco, JC, Murtaza]


To fix the WFS loops, went through
  17873   Mon Sep 25 17:01:46 2023 MurtazaUpdate IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES)[JC, Paco, Radhika, Murtaza]


  17872   Mon Sep 25 15:32:57 2023 JCUpdateIOOIMC Alignment After C1Sus2 Crash This Morning[Paco, Murtaza, JC]

Fixed C1SUS2 Crash from this morning

  17871   Fri Sep 22 19:38:06 2023 MurtazaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics CDS UpdatePRM
  17870   Fri Sep 22 19:31:24 2023 KojiUpdateSUSFixed IMC/IFO alignment screensFixed IMC/IFO alignment screens  Screenshot_2023-09-23_02-28-42.pngScreenshot_2023-09-23_02-28-52.png 
  17869   Fri Sep 22 19:05:19 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralPower Outage Sept 21, 2023 ~9AMPumping configuration changed.
Now TP2 is backing TP1 and TP3 is pumping
  17868   Fri Sep 22 18:26:08 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics CDS Update[Koji, Radhika, Murtaza]

All upgraded suspensions
  17867   Fri Sep 22 16:20:25 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics CDS UpdateToday we tried to debug the unreasonable
OSEM readings (see previous ELOG)

  17866   Thu Sep 21 14:22:02 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics CDS UpdateI recalculated the scale factors between
OSEM sensor readings after/before the upgrade.
The expected factor is 8.64, although we
  17865   Thu Sep 21 12:02:25 2023 KojiUpdateGeneralPower Outage Sept 21, 2023 ~9AM[JC, Paco, Koji]

We had a power outage on Sept 21,
2023 at ~9AM. This is the third power outage
  17864   Wed Sep 20 18:18:38 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Wed Plan[Koji, Murtaza, JC]

Regarding PRM/BS:

PRM2 cable and BS2 cable
  17863   Wed Sep 20 17:28:17 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsre: Filter Coefficient Loading IssueI noticed the same issue today with C1RMS.txt,
when trying to update the coil actuation
gains for SRM. The filter changes were saved
  17862   Wed Sep 20 17:02:22 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics ~ change in the actuator calibration[Paco, Radhika]


  17861   Wed Sep 20 14:04:58 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics ~ change in the actuator calibrationMC1/MC2/MC3 damping

I tweaked
  17860   Wed Sep 20 00:20:09 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics ~ change in the actuator calibrationI found the actuator calibration is more
complicated. The numbers I reported in the
previous elog was not correct.
  17859   Wed Sep 20 00:03:22 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsre: Filter Coefficient Loading IssueI asked CDS mattermost for help. Chris
(Wipf) checked it and reported it is working
fine as usual (without fixing anything).
  17858   Tue Sep 19 23:40:33 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Wed PlanPlan
for Sept 20, 2023

For morning people:
  17857   Tue Sep 19 20:49:08 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Trouble shooting[Murtaza, Koji]

ITMX / BS / PRM sat amps were removed
from the rack and checked on the workbench.
  17856   Tue Sep 19 19:48:20 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Trouble shooting[Paco, Murtaza, JC, Koji, Radhika]

MC1/MC2 was working fine.

  17855   Tue Sep 19 19:21:10 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 5[Koji, Radhika]

Update to the Foton/Load
  17854   Tue Sep 19 17:25:38 2023 RadhikaSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 5MCs
OSEM input / coil output gain tuning

that MC1, MC2, MC3 OSEM readings looked reasonable
  17853   Mon Sep 18 23:09:40 2023 KojiSummaryElectronicsVertex Electronics Transition ~ DAY 4MC1 is ready for the damping test

Trouble shooting plan

Is the LED on? => Check
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