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  17767   Wed Aug 9 15:02:45 2023 YehonathanUpdateSUSETMX coil balancingUpgrading the ETMX coil drivers calls for
new coil balancing.

XARM locking using ETMX actuation
  17766   Wed Aug 9 12:06:45 2023 PacoUpdateGeneralExcess noise on YALS BEAT[Paco, yuta]

We found excess noise
  17765   Wed Aug 9 02:54:06 2023 HirokiUpdatePSLInstalled PSL Flow speed sensor[Paco, Hiroki]  

two flow sensors on the PSL HEPA
  17764   Tue Aug 8 20:32:37 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCAutomated locking of PSL frequency with ALSY[Paco, Yuta, Hiroki]

We locked PSL frequency using ALSY
  17763   Tue Aug 8 20:13:55 2023 Deven BowmanUpdateLSCSensor fusion test with PRMI LockYehonathan, Paco, and Hiroki helped lock
the interferomter into PRMI. While locked,
the sensing matrix was calaculated with 
  17762   Tue Aug 8 10:27:22 2023 Stella KrausUpdateLab OrganizationMoved HF2LIWe moved the Zurich instruments HF2LI to
  17761   Tue Aug 8 01:07:52 2023 HirokiUpdatePSLTesting and wiring the PSL Flow speed sensorFor monitoring the statuses of the
PSL HEPA fans, we are planning to attach flow
speed sensors (D6F-V03A1)
  17760   Mon Aug 7 23:58:30 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCStabler lock of sideband-resonant PRMI w/ 3f[Paco, Yehonathan, Yuta, Hiroki]  

stabler lock of sideband-resonant
  17759   Mon Aug 7 14:02:52 2023 RadhikaUpdateAUXxend AUX fully locking with Moku:GoMoku:Go
used for full locking of green laser - OLTF
to come

Picking up from
  17758   Mon Aug 7 11:25:50 2023 PacoUpdateOptical LeversBS/PRM/SRM Oplev replaced HeNe[JC, Paco]

We replaced the HeNe
  17757   Sat Aug 5 01:46:01 2023 KojiUpdateOptical LeversBS/PRM/SRM Oplev dead[Koij Hiroki]

While KA was working on the DAC
issue, BS/PRM/SRM Oplev died.
  17756   Sat Aug 5 01:42:19 2023 KojiUpdatePEMc1sus DAC1/DAC2 negative side DAC outputs were isolated from the downstream chainAs reported already, we resolved the c1sus
DAC0 issue by introducing the differential
receivers for the DAC output CHs.
  17755   Sat Aug 5 01:13:06 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCSucceeded in locking sideband-resonant PRMI w/ 3f[Yuta, Koji, Hiroki]  

in locking sideband-resonant PRMI w/ 3f

  17754   Fri Aug 4 20:50:13 2023 KojiSummaryCDSThe location where the wiper script is runningThe raw frame file is stored in /frames
at fb. Before the disk space is flooded,
the wiper script deletes the old raw frame
  17753   Thu Aug 3 21:35:50 2023 KojiConfigurationPEMPSL Flow speed sensor channels addedAs the preparation of the flow
sensor installation, I added two slow channels
via c1psl (Acromag IOC).
  17752   Thu Aug 3 20:00:59 2023 HirokiUpdateCalibrationCalibrations of actuators after replacing Anti-Imaging modules[Yuta, Hiroki]

the actuators after replacing anti-imaging
  17751   Thu Aug 3 17:27:07 2023 KojiUpdateCDSSlow machine target folder clean upI went to /cvs/cds/caltech/target and found
some folders for apparently old targets.
  17749   Wed Aug 2 17:56:25 2023 RadhikaSummaryGeneralADC/DAC Noise of Moku:GO [Reprinted elog from Ando Lab at University of Tokyo]Repeating ADC/DAC
noise measurements

I carried
  17748   Wed Aug 2 17:17:37 2023 KojiUpdatePSLIMC Locking (FIXED: Remote switching of PSL shutter is not working)After the exploration of c1psl, the IMC
locking was not functioning well. It looked
like the MC autolocker issue.
  17746   Wed Aug 2 14:50:22 2023 KojiUpdatePSLFIXED: Remote switching of PSL shutter is not working[JC Koji]
c1vac was hard rebooted. This fixed
the PSL shutter issue.
  17745   Wed Aug 2 10:33:53 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.BHD platform is estimated to stop baking
by the end of the day. We are following the
LIGO Procedure and baking at 150°C By
  17744   Wed Aug 2 03:30:22 2023 HirokiUpdateLSCTrials for sideband-resonant PRMI locking[Yuta, Hiroki]

preparation for locking the PRFPMI, we tried
  17743   Tue Aug 1 21:52:46 2023 HirokiUpdatePSLRemote switching of PSL shutter is not working[Yuta, Hiroki]

switching of PSL shutter is not working.

  17742   Tue Aug 1 20:29:12 2023 HirokiSummaryGeneralADC/DAC Noise of Moku:GO [Reprinted elog from Ando Lab at University of Tokyo]This
post is reprinted from the elog of Ando
Lab at the University of Tokyo.
  17741   Tue Aug 1 15:36:05 2023 Deven BowmanUpdateLSCImproved input matrix: sensor fusionThis elog post refers to this previous
post which details a PRMI lock where the
sensing matrix and OLTFs for MICH and PRCL were measured.
  17740   Tue Aug 1 14:26:11 2023 andreiUpdatePEMRL for nonlinear controllersUpdate

I have finished setting
up Neptune for easy access
  17739   Tue Aug 1 02:51:46 2023 HirokiSummaryBHDMode-matching breadboard for BHD OMCsMode-matching
breadboard has been constructed

have constructed the mode-matching breadboard
  17738   Mon Jul 31 22:25:07 2023 KojiUpdatePEMFIXED: Strange behavior of ITMX and ITMY probably due to DAC issue[Hiroki, Yehonathan, Yuta, Koji]


  17737   Mon Jul 31 16:04:54 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.[JC]
I began to prepare the temporary clean
room where we will be putting together the
  17736   Mon Jul 31 15:46:03 2023 yutaUpdateSUSStrange behavior of ITMX and ITMY probably due to DAC issueI did the same test we did in 40m/17616
to see if DACs are working fine for ITMX
and ITMY.
  17735   Mon Jul 31 15:34:56 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.[Maty, JC]
This morning, Maty and I proceeded
to work on the BHD Platform work. We rinsed
  17734   Sat Jul 29 00:44:57 2023 KojiUpdatePEMRemarks on the IFO recovery after CDS restart.I had a suspicion that some of the ITMX
coils were not properly working. So individual
coils of the 4 test masses were excited while
  17733   Sat Jul 29 00:08:35 2023 HirokiUpdatePEMRemarks on the IFO recovery after CDS restart.[Koji, Hiroki]

We investigated the cause of the
unstable OPLEV damping in ITMX and found
  17732   Fri Jul 28 22:43:26 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.BHD Platform
has been washed and set to dry over the weekend

Yesterday, I began
  17731   Fri Jul 28 12:11:45 2023 advaitUpdatePEMSeismometer heater and temp sensorsI added a heater circuit to the seismometer,
and moved the 4 channel temperature readout
circuit that I built in there as well. The
  17730   Fri Jul 28 00:27:17 2023 KojiUpdatePEMITMX issue continuesEven though the noise issue of an OSEM
was resolved, the issue with ITMX still continues.
OPLEV pitch servo can't be turned
  17729   Thu Jul 27 21:39:50 2023 HirokiUpdatePEMRemarks on the IFO recovery after CDS restart.[Koji, Hiroki]

resotred the noisy ITMX UL sensor reported
  17728   Thu Jul 27 18:21:33 2023 KojiUpdateALSOLTFS of digital controllerHere is the OLTF from the model of the
system I made in Python. https://github.com/CaltechExperimentalGravity/LaserStabilization/blob/main/code/PlantSim/plant_model.py

  17727   Thu Jul 27 17:03:57 2023 KojiSummaryCDSc1psl spare channel situationI looked at the Acromag situation
of c1psl to prepare for the PSL air flow
speed sensor.
  17726   Thu Jul 27 12:11:57 2023 andreiUpdatePEMRL for nonlinear controllersHere is a rundown of my work so far on
RL controllers for the puck:

Environment: I implemented
  17725   Thu Jul 27 12:04:20 2023 advaitUpdatePEMSeismometer temperature sensorsAs we move towards the goal of controlling
the temperature of the seismometer near the
X end, I am setting up hardware and interfaces
  17723   Thu Jul 27 10:43:58 2023 KojiUpdateALSOLTFS of digital controllerWow, this is awesome. Can you plot the
comparison between the measured and expected
OLTFs for both (or either) Moku cases?
  17722   Thu Jul 27 03:39:57 2023 HirokiUpdateBHDMode-matching breadboard for BHD OMCsI almost finished constructing the mode-matching
breadboard today.

What I did on July 26th:
  17721   Thu Jul 27 00:42:47 2023 HirokiUpdateGeneralBorrowed a lens from air BHD setupI borrowed a
lens (f=200mm, LB1945-C, Thorlabs) from the
air BHD setup [Attachment 1 (before removal),
  17720   Thu Jul 27 00:29:13 2023 ReubenUpdateALSOLTFS of digital controllerThe OLTFS of AUX locking system when locked
with the PDH box, and Moku:Go and Moku:Pro
running a similar filter as that of the PDH
  17719   Wed Jul 26 17:07:32 2023 YehonathanUpdateElectronicsXEND Acromag workI removed all the DB37 and IDC50 front
panels from the chassis and retained only
the 2 BNC feed-throughs.
  17718   Wed Jul 26 16:53:02 2023 YehonathanUpdateElectronicsXEND Acromag workI removed all the DB37 and IDC50 front
panels from the chassis and retained only
the 2 BNC feed-throughs.
  17717   Wed Jul 26 16:29:37 2023 advaitUpdatePEMADC/DAC setup of the temp sensor / heater for the X End Seismometer enclosure[advait, andrei]

We needed two additional ADC channels
for the seismometer setup, to read out the
  17716   Wed Jul 26 11:31:10 2023 JCUpdateElectronicsAcromag work[Yehonathan, JC]

I have made a panel design for
the acromag chassis. These panels will hold
  17715   Wed Jul 26 00:30:16 2023 HirokiUpdateBHDMode-matching breadboard for BHD OMCsCurrently, I'm constructing the mode-matching
telescope on a breadboard for the alignment
of two OMCs for BHD.
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