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  17461   Mon Feb 13 11:54:54 2023 yutaSummaryBHD60 Hz frequency noise is coming from MC1 coils[JC, Yuta]

We have found that MC1 coils are causing
  17462   Mon Feb 13 17:35:20 2023 AnchalSummaryBHD60 Hz frequency noise is coming from MC1 coils[Anchal, Yuta]

We think we have narrowed
down the source of 60 Hz noise to one fo
  17463   Tue Feb 14 10:49:04 2023 yutaSummaryBHDMC1 electronics diagram and cable diconnection testsBelow are summary of electronics around
MC1 and cable disconnection tests.
These suggest that the 60 Hz noise
  17466   Wed Feb 15 16:16:59 2023 AnchalSummaryBHDIMC optics Coil Output Filter correctionsOvertime the coil output filters on IMC
optics have drifted into a bad configuration.
Today at the meeting, Rana told us the correct
  17468   Thu Feb 16 14:44:06 2023 yutaUpdateBHDFPMI BHD with BH55 recoveredFPMI BHD with LO phase locked using BH55
is recovered after 60 Hz frequency noise
  17476   Wed Feb 22 17:32:16 2023 yutaUpdateBHDBH55 and BH44 both amplifiedSince we need more signal for both BH55
and BH44 to compare LO phase locking scheme,
BH55 and BH44 RF outputs are now amplified
  17478   Thu Feb 23 14:55:49 2023 yutaUpdateBHDBH55 and BH44 orthogonality checksIdeally, BH55 and BH44 should give orthogonal
signals to lock LO phase (40m/17302).
This was checked with various interferometer
  17491   Fri Mar 3 18:47:13 2023 PacoSummaryBHDLO phase POS noise coupling - II tried some LO PHASE noise coupling measurements
today. With MICH locked using AS55_Q, I control
the LO phase using the single RF (BH55_Q)
  17506   Mon Mar 13 19:53:36 2023 yutaUpdateBHDFPMI BHD sensing matrix measurement with individual linesFPMI BHD sensing matrix was measured by
an updated method with updated RF demodulation
phases for REFL55 and AS55.
  17511   Tue Mar 14 18:44:39 2023 yutaUpdateBHDLO phase noise measurements in ITMX single bounce, MICH and FPMI[Anchal, Yuta]

We have measured LO phase noise in
  17514   Mon Mar 20 20:27:30 2023 yutaUpdateBHDLO phase noise contribution in MICH BHD[Paco, Yuta]

MICH was locked with balanced homodyne
readout with LO phase locked using BH55_Q
  17517   Wed Mar 22 18:38:54 2023 PacoSummaryBHD"On why BH55 senses the LO phase, a finesse adventure of loss and residual DARM offsets"[Paco, Yehonathan]

I took over the finesse calculations
Yehonathan had set up for BHD. The notebook
  17518   Thu Mar 23 14:20:29 2023 KojiSummaryBHD"On why BH55 senses the LO phase, a finesse adventure of loss and residual DARM offsets"This is interesting. With the FPMI, the
DARM phase shift is enhanced by the cavity.
Therefore, I suppose the effect on the BH55
  17525   Mon Mar 27 20:28:57 2023 PacoSummaryBHD"On why BH55 senses the LO phase, a finesse adventure of loss and residual DARM offsets"Yuta pointed out that the BH55 signal was
weirdly never going to zero, so I actually
tuned the demod angle and made sure I was
  17526   Tue Mar 28 10:58:03 2023 ranaSummaryBHD"On why BH55 senses the LO phase, a finesse adventure of loss and residual DARM offsets"but what about including the DC reflectivity
imbalance of the arms? there would be another
BH55 term from that field maybe.
  17528   Wed Mar 29 16:36:04 2023 PacoSummaryBHD"On why BH55 senses the LO phase, a finesse adventure of loss and residual DARM offsets"I repeated the calculations but with FPMI
case was all MICH). The qualitative behavior
  17547   Tue Apr 18 19:29:43 2023 yutaUpdateBHDLO phase noise measurements in ITMX single bounce, MICH and FPMI[Anchal, Yuta]

We have repeated LO phase noise measurement
  17549   Wed Apr 19 11:35:20 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDPRMI estimated noise budgetFirst, simple stuff. We estimate the noise
budget with total input and output noises.
Later, we will break it down (ADC, DAC, whitening,
  17560   Mon Apr 24 19:11:20 2023 KojiSummaryBHDLO/MI(DARM) signal strength comparison between the configurationsYuta and I had a discussion last week about
the signal strength between the configurations.
Here are some naive calculations.
  17563   Tue Apr 25 21:21:03 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDDewhitening noises{Mayank, Paco, Yehonathan}

Dewhitening noise curves were taken
using SR785+SR560 for the PRMI noise budget.
  17564   Wed Apr 26 09:37:10 2023 PacoUpdateBHDIQ demod board gains for REFL11 and AS55We
measured the IQ demodulation board gains
for REFL11 and AS55. 
  17565   Wed Apr 26 11:27:49 2023 PacoSummaryBHDLO/MI(DARM) signal strength comparison between the configurations with finesseI'm
checking Koji + Yuta's not-so-naive calculations
using finesse. 
  17567   Wed Apr 26 12:59:42 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated noise budget with output electronicsI included the output electronic noises
into the PRMI carrier noise budget (attachment
  17570   Fri Apr 28 18:40:49 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated noise budget with some input electronic noises{Mayank, Yehonathan}

Yesterday, we measured AS55 and
REFL11 dark noises at the IQ demod boards
  17579   Wed May 3 12:11:52 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated noise budget with measured noise and OLTF{Paco, Yehonathan, Yuta}

Paco and Yuta locked PRMI carrier
and I took the MICH OLTF measurement (attachment
  17582   Wed May 3 18:40:50 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDWhitening noises measurements{Mayank, Yehonathan}

We measured the noise at the WF1
(REFL11) and WF2 (AS55) boards at the LSC
  17584   Mon May 8 17:05:30 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDWhitening TF measurements{Mayank, Yehonathan}

We measured today the TFs of the
whitening boards. We measured in particular
  17585   Tue May 9 11:32:04 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDWhitening TF measurements We forgot to take a reference TF measurement
by looping the SR785 on itself using the
same BNC cables used for the actual measurement.
  17588   Wed May 10 11:49:34 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDUpdated PRMI AS55+REFL11 noise budgetI
added input noises and angle to length coupling
to the noise budget.
  17590   Thu May 11 12:05:24 2023 ranaUpdateBHDUpdated PRMI AS55+REFL11 noise budgetIs the A2L coming from the optical lever
feedback? If so, we can make a 30 Hz ELP
to cut it off by 60 Hz.
  17600   Wed May 24 13:19:28 2023 PacoUpdateBHDBH44 and BH55 dc transimpedance modifiedWe lowered the BH44
and BH55 DC transimpedances to ~ 50 V/A
  17601   Wed May 24 17:36:25 2023 PacoUpdateBHDBH44_I content and PRC alignmentBH44
is sensitive to PRC alignment noise

[Paco, Yuta]
  17607   Wed May 31 10:23:40 2023 YehonathanUpdateBHDSensing matrix modelI calculated the sensing matrix for PRMI
carrier using the Finesse model (git updated)
using MAXTEM=2. PRG is calculated to be 11.14,
  17608   Wed May 31 12:08:07 2023 ranaUpdateBHDSensing matrix modelit is great to see a sensing
matrix without 900 digits of precision!
  17673   Fri Jul 7 20:34:43 2023 HirokiSummaryBHDBHD alignment has been restored[Yuta, Hiroki]

alignment has been restored

  17703   Thu Jul 20 17:28:03 2023 KojiUpdateBHDBHD Platform OMC cablesDean made the OMC cables for the BHD Platform.
They are going through the C&B process.

From left to right: QPD cable,
  17715   Wed Jul 26 00:30:16 2023 HirokiUpdateBHDMode-matching breadboard for BHD OMCsCurrently, I'm constructing the mode-matching
telescope on a breadboard for the alignment
of two OMCs for BHD.
  17722   Thu Jul 27 03:39:57 2023 HirokiUpdateBHDMode-matching breadboard for BHD OMCsI almost finished constructing the mode-matching
breadboard today.

What I did on July 26th:
  17732   Fri Jul 28 22:43:26 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.BHD Platform
has been washed and set to dry over the weekend

Yesterday, I began
  17735   Mon Jul 31 15:34:56 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.[Maty, JC]
This morning, Maty and I proceeded
to work on the BHD Platform work. We rinsed
  17737   Mon Jul 31 16:04:54 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.[JC]
I began to prepare the temporary clean
room where we will be putting together the
  17739   Tue Aug 1 02:51:46 2023 HirokiSummaryBHDMode-matching breadboard for BHD OMCsMode-matching
breadboard has been constructed

have constructed the mode-matching breadboard
  17745   Wed Aug 2 10:33:53 2023 JCUpdateBHDBHD Platform Preparation.BHD platform is estimated to stop baking
by the end of the day. We are following the
LIGO Procedure and baking at 150°C By
  17807   Thu Aug 24 02:54:19 2023 KojiUpdateBHDOMC Interface Aligner / BHD OFI arrangementOMC Interface Aligner - (It's upside

BHD OFI arrangement
  17811   Fri Aug 25 20:27:33 2023 KojiUpdateBHDOMC Interface AlignerA bit improved the design of OMC Interface

The idea is...The OMC I/F aligner
  17814   Tue Aug 29 02:02:51 2023 KojiUpdateBHDBHD Prep StatusReady / Soon Ready
- BHD OMC Cables ready
- OMC#1 / OMC#4 ready
  17884   Wed Oct 4 17:28:48 2023 KojiSummaryBHDBalance Mass LayoutI went to the Solidworks model of the ITMY
invac table and checked where the center
of mass is.
  17885   Wed Oct 4 19:33:23 2023 KojiUpdateBHDThe optical fiber for the BHD/OMC assembly long enoughThe optical fiber that Hiroki set up turned
out that long enough for the use in the new
HEPA optical bench. (Attachment 1)
  17887   Thu Oct 5 23:32:47 2023 KojiUpdateBHDPosts used for the BHD OFIThe BHD OFI path consists of a few optical
components: (Attachment 1)

HWP ROtator
  17888   Fri Oct 6 13:51:15 2023 JCUpdateBHDPosts used for the BHD OFINot a fanatic of the   Screenshot_2023-10-06_153204.png 
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